Rashida Tlaib Steps up to Offer an Absolutely Insane Take on the Daunte Wright Shooting

The shooting of Daunte Wright in Minneapolis, which appears to have been an accidental discharge after he attempted to flee from police in a car, has already led to rioting and looting. Last night, things got out of hand again, the media made excuses, and the City Council voted to prohibit police from using normal crowd dispersal tools to get things under control. In other words, we are once again seeing a preventable, completely unjustified outburst of criminality harm normal people in these neighborhoods.


Of course, national Democrats are doing what they do best, which is misleading to try to make political hay out of something that had nothing to do with race or systemic injustice (see Joe Biden Makes a Dangerous Call in Response to the Daunte Wright Shooting). The only real question was who was going to jump the shark the highest.

Enter Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), who stepped up to the plate to offer the most insane take on the shooting.

This is what it looks like to be an elite who play-acts as a victim while the policies she proposes harm the lives of regular people. As I wrote yesterday, gunshot victims in Minneapolis are up 250% since the same time last year. That has resulted in a lot of dead — mostly black —  individuals who would otherwise be alive today had the aftermath of George Floyd’s death not shaped policy. Does Tlaib care about that? Of course not. It doesn’t even cross her mind that there are consequences to doing really stupid things.

If we’ve learned one thing in the last few years of pushing for fewer criminals going to jail, it’s that it doesn’t always work out like the activists say it will. Crime is sky-rocketing in major cities across the country, and there are clearly a lot of people who should be in jail who aren’t. That’s especially true in places like New York and San Franciso, where people can commit violent crimes and be back on the street the same day.


I understand the urge for reform in some areas, but the idea that criminals are always victims and that we should do away with incarceration is absolutely nuts. If you want way more dead people, including a bunch of dead minorities (i.e. people Tlaib claims to care about), then do what Tlaib is saying. That this kind of thinking is actually mainstream on the left boggles the mind.

But this is what happens when you value identity politics and virtue signaling over sound governmental decision-making. People who are ostensibly supposed to be helped end up getting hurt much worse. This should be simple — people who break the law should go to jail and those who don’t shouldn’t. Anything else is irresponsible and will just lead to more anarchy, death, and destruction.



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