Joe Biden Makes a Dangerous Call in Response to the Daunte Wright Shooting

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Want more proof that Democrats see black Americans as political pawns to be used up and cast aside? Look no further than Joe Biden’s idiotic call for “protests” over the Daunte Wright shooting in Minneapolis, MN.

Yes, even though the shooting is being described as an accidental discharge, and race played no factor whatsoever, Biden wants people to take to the streets. And while the president may be too senile to know what he’s saying, his handlers are well aware that some protests will eventually give way to violence, looting, and destruction of property, a pattern we’ve seen over and over since last summer.

It’s hard to understate how irresponsible this is. While Biden insists he only wants “peaceful” protests, did the protests in Minneapolis yesterday stay peaceful? Of course not. They devolved into destroying multiple businesses, widespread looting, and a cop getting cracked in the head with a brick. Biden doesn’t care, though, because he gets to sit in the White House eating his pudding and going to bed at 7:00 PM.

Further, what exactly is he wanting people to protest over? Accidental discharges? Police serving arrest warrants? There is a possibility that the officer involved in the Wright shooting was criminally negligent in discharging her weapon (though it certainly won’t constitute murder), but even then, it would still have been a mishap and not intentional. So again, what are people supposed to be protesting?

Think about the fact that George Floyd died almost a year ago. Since then, in a country of 330 million people, the number of even possibly unjustified police killings of black people has been in the single digits (notice I said unjustified, not unarmed). The idea that police officers across the nation are systematically racist and hunting black people holds no basis in reality. That doesn’t mean police can’t get better at their jobs. There are some really dumb, reckless cops out there, and we should all call them out when things happen. But major protests over the Wright shooting seem to be completely unnecessary, and the costs of such aren’t worth it.