Texas Was Supposed to Be a Hellscape by Now, and the Receipts Were Kept

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Several weeks ago, Texas finally caught up to Florida, with Gov. Greg Abbott rescinding the state’s mask mandate and allowing businesses to reopen at full capacity. That it took so long was not a fact lost on many Texans and Republicans around the country. Regardless, it was welcome news and another step toward normalcy.


At the time, Joe Biden personally attacked the decision, calling it “Neanderthal thinking.” The insinuation was that Texas was risking lives by throwing out their mask mandate and that doom would surely follow. Further, the media went nuts, insisting that the Lone Star state would become a hellscape due to Abbott’s recklessness.

Did that happen? In a word, no. It didn’t happen at all. In fact, the recission of the mask mandate precipitated a drop in the state’s infection numbers while the Northeast, with its mandates and heavy mitigation, is seeing surges.

(see The Latest Data Eviscerates the Case for Mandatory Masking)

Luckily, the receipts were kept, and Drew Holden has put together an exhaustive list of all the media outlets that once again showed themselves to be biased hacks, uninterested in actually following “the science.”


You might want to grab a drink and sit down for this one because it’s satisfying.


From there, Drew starts listing all the blue-check wonder brains who spread hysteria as well, including people like Joy Reid, Michael Moore, Paul Krugman, and Meena Harris. Be sure to click any of the tweets embedded above to read the entirety of his thread. It’s worth your time, and as always, drop Drew a follow if you use Twitter.

Meanwhile, the fact that Texas, Mississippi, Florida, and other states that have lifted mask mandates are seeing a decline in cases while New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and other mask mandated see spikes should cause people to start asking an obvious question — are masks actually making things worse?


I’m not making any pronouncements, but it sure seems like something that should be looked into given that the real-world data continues to show masks being ineffective.

In light of all this, will there be any corrections? Will these “news” outlets apologize or pay a price for once again being wrong? Nah, they’ll keep doing exactly what they’ve always done. We have the worst press corps on the planet, and I’m not sure it’s close.



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