After Release of Boulder Shooter's Name, the Poorly Aged Takes Reach Epic Levels

Earlier today, police released the name of the mass shooter who killed ten people in Boulder, CO yesterday (see Name of Boulder Shooter Released, and the Predominant Narratives Just Got Nuked). Needless to say, the name being Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa blew up just about every predominant narrative flying around in the media and on left-wing social media.

That’s not to say we have a motive yet, as someone who is Arab is perfectly capable of just being a crazy murderer, but it is to say that those running proclaiming this was a “white guy with an AR-15” and somehow indicative of a white supremacist culture were dead wrong.

(see Self-Loathing Meena Harris Deletes Her Hot Take on Boulder Shooting)

Just how wrong? Here, take a look with a hat tip to Caleb Hull for compiling these.

I’ll stop there, but Caleb’s thread just keeps going and going and going. There were far too many factually wrong hot takes going around that were focused on race when there was no evidence to support such.

At the end of the day, I suspect we are going to find out this guy is crazy with some terrorist sympathies. We’ll have to wait for confirmation. Regardless, that’s not an indictment of all Arabs. At the same time, had this murderer been white, it would not have been an indictment on all white people. Yet, the left, in all their racist glory, continually try to link everything to the evils of whiteness. It’s absolutely disgusting, and it’s incredibly corrosive for our society.

It’s time for people to stand up and say enough is enough of this. People that operate in such a racist fashion don’t deserve respect. They deserve ridicule.


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