Self-Loathing Meena Harris Deletes Her Hot Take on the Boulder Shooter

Self-Loathing Meena Harris Deletes Her Hot Take on the Boulder Shooter
AP Photo/David Zalubowski

Sadly, the Boulder King Sooper shooting is the second one within a week. Instead of allowing for mourning and investigation, the Left is frothing at the mouth to re-introduce their well-tread gun control narratives and initiatives.

Vice President Kamala Harris’s niece is just like her auntie: never without a bad take on race relations. As soon as the news hit, this is what she posted.

The bodies of the victims are barely cold, and yet to be mourned. Motives still need to be ascertained, and an investigation given space to unfold. Instead of showing some restraint, Leftists like Miss Meena and the legacy media stampede us with their rush to judgment. The judgment always skews one way: their hatred and racism against whites, in general, and white men in particular.

For a biracial child, Meena Harris sure carries a TON of self-loathing. Reminds me of a certain former president…

Today, as my colleague Bonchie reported just now, the “angry white man” narrative just got blown out of the water:

As RedState reported yesterday, ten people were shot and killed in a grocery store yesterday in Boulder, CO. Details have been sparse up until this point as is typical in these situations.

But now, we have a name, and it nukes just about every prior predominant media narrative surrounding the shooting. There are few different spellings going around via various reports, but they are all trying to convey the same thing.

Ahmad Al-Issa, huh? That don’t sound very white to me! Time for the hot takes on Middle East terrorism… Oh, wait…

I love this from our Bonch:

I hope you have a neck brace on because you are about to have whiplash from how quickly the news outlets that have been speculating this was “white supremacy” change their tune. In fact, I expect this story to largely disappear by the end of the week now. It just doesn’t fit the narrative preferences of the mainstream press.

Miss Meena is fitting hers now, while also doubling down on stupid:

Instead of taking the “L”, she had to get the last dig in on people she hates. That whiplash must have injured her already strained brain matter.

Her followers are no better…

Therein lies the problem. Maybe be less in a hurry to assign blame and attach your chosen narratives to push forward your chosen causes, and learn to collectively mourn with the people of Colorado. Knee jerk responses do damage to you, and anyone who is in proximity of your kick.

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