Jen Psaki Tries to Deflect by Virtue Signaling About Trump, Peter Doocy Isn't Having It

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Jen Psaki isn’t good at her job. That fact is made clear every single time she takes the podium at a White House press briefing, with her only saving grace being that the media are mostly subservient hacks.

But Fox News’ Peter Doocy isn’t in that number (see Peter Doocy Report on Border Contradicts Psaki, Raises More Questions on What Biden Knows). It’s actually surprising that Psaki continues to call on him given how often he embarrassed her. Today was another example of that.

In an exchange about illegal immigration and the crisis at the border, Psaki tried to deflect by virtue signaling about Donald Trump. Doocy was having none of it.

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I’m not sure if Psaki is aware of this, but Joe Biden is president, not Trump. Of course, I’m not sure Joe Biden is aware that Joe Biden is the president so there’s that.

The idea that the administration’s rhetoric isn’t directly responsible for the current surge at the border is nonsense. No amount of “but Trump” will change that, and virtue signaling is not an answer to what was a very serious question by Doocy. The redirect to illegal immigrants wearing Biden t-shirts was a good one, showing the absurdity of Psaki’s non-answer.

Besides, as I’ve written extensively on before, there is nothing moral about manufacturing an increase in men, women, and children making a dangerous, sometimes deadly journey north to illegally cross the border. Doing so feeds the sex trade, drug cartels, and coyotes while ensuring women are raped and kids die of dehydration. It is the very antithesis of morality. Pampered bubble dwellers may find it easy to signal their virtue over this from their blue, northeastern cities, but real lives are at stake, and the best intentions can lead to human disasters as we’ve seen many times in regards to the border.

Regardless, Doocy wasn’t done leveling Psaki. He then went into questioning about the CDC guidelines and border facilities being allowed to open at 100%. When Psaki tried to laugh her way past the question, he quickly corrected her.

Correct, it’s not funny. The CDC being used as a political wedge holds no comedic value whatsoever, and the Biden administration is clearly operating in a very politicized manner when it comes to the border. We have more than enough evidence that schools are extremely safe, and have been for at least the last 6-7 months. Yet, Psaki still won’t speak against the teacher’s unions, pushing for a full reopening, while at the same time she defends opening up child detention facilities (kids in cages) at full capacity. Try to make sense of that.

What we have on the border is a genuine crisis. Psaki can’t admit that because it would be an admission of how miserably Biden has failed in his first 50 days. Yet, that’s the reality of the situation. All of this was preventable, yet signaling to the left took precedence over common sense. Now, the price will be paid.

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