Gavin Newsom Snipes at Texas for Opening, Ends Up Absolutely Owned

Gavin Newsom Snipes at Texas for Opening, Ends Up Absolutely Owned
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Here’s your feel good story of the day.

Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas announced this afternoon that his state will completely lift all COVID restrictions, including allowing 100% capacity in businesses while also nuking any mask mandates. Texas has already been largely open for months, and while one could argue that Abbott is late to the party on removing the remaining limits (especially in contrast to Gov. Ron DeSantis and Gov. Kristi Noem), it’s still good to see the Lone Star State doing the right thing. It’s well past time to make the jump, in my opinion, and it’s become a societal and economic necessity regardless.

Of course, in response to the Abbott’s announcement has come a wave of vile hatred from the left, including wishes of death on Texans who’d dare to not continue to ascribe to the wishes of places of California.

Speaking of which, Gov. Gavin Newsom decided to inject his useless opinion into the debate. Let’s just say it didn’t go well.

That’s Gavin Newsom breaking his own lockdown policies, eating in a restaurant when in-person dining is supposedly banned. You see, your political overlords care much less about the virus than they purport to. They are truly only concerned with making sure the little people obey their edicts, results and evidence of correlation to policies need not apply.

What’s really dumb here is the complete lack of critical thinking within any discussion of mitigation measures. On the one hand, you have California in perpetual lockdown, almost no in-person schooling, and mask mandates out the wazoo. On the other hand, you have Texas that’s been mostly open since fall of last year, including schools in most counties. What were the results?

Texas ended up doing far better on average than California, with the latter’s fall spike being around 25% worse than the former’s.

What’s that tell you? I won’t make a pronouncement for you because then this article might get censored, but I suspect we are all capable of understanding and judging correlation between policies and results, or better yet, a lack thereof. Make sure you factor in Florida’s numbers to just to ensure things are extra interesting.

Regardless, I’m fairly certain that Texans couldn’t care less what Newsom has to say.

I’ll also add that on the heels of Abbott’s announcement, Gov. Tate Reeves of Mississippi said today that he’s lifting remaining restrictions as well. The dam is finally breaking, and not a moment too soon. Governors that continue to cling to lock downs and mask mandates will be judged harshly by history. With the vaccine in wide distribution and precious little evidence previous mitigation measures greatly changed the rate of spread between states, continuing to deprive people and business owners of their basic rights is inexcusable at this point.

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