The Lincoln Project Co-Founder Reportedly Gets Caught in a Big Lie, and Things Are Getting Worse

The Lincoln Project Co-Founder Reportedly Gets Caught in a Big Lie, and Things Are Getting Worse
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As The Lincoln Project burns to the ground, the rats are scurrying out of the rubble, hoping to preserve themselves and their gravy train. One of those people is Steve Schmidt, the former top McCain Campaign official and more recent co-founder of The Lincoln Project.

In the wake of revelations that John Weaver, another co-founder of the PAC, was preying on underage boys (among others), Schmidt has tried to distance himself the fall-out. This despite the fact that he’s made a small fortune off the grift and was one of the top leaders involved.

RedState reported last week on Schmidt’s letter of denial, which he ironically claimed as “my truth.”

Shortly after that, more reports came out (see More Damning Claims Follow After The Lincoln Project Releases Unbelievable Statement) claiming Weaver knew earlier than he was claiming.

Well, it now appears his original letter was indeed a big lie. Per The 19th News, Schmidt was aware of Weaver’s activities going all the way back to March of 2020.

Some of the individuals came forward with new details on Monday after they were released from their nondisclosure agreements. Several said Sarah Lenti, a managing partner with the group who was previously its executive director, knew about the allegations against Weaver as early as May 2020. Lenti confirmed that some of the group’s co-founders knew about the allegations as early as March 2020. Schmidt and Galen were among those who knew, multiple sources said.

This confirmation by Lenti and other sources of Schmidt’s lie is likely just the tip of the ice-berg. It’s possible that when Schmidt said he had known since January about Weaver that he was indeed being coy, actually meaning January of 2020. Regardless, the exact date isn’t that important. What matters is that he knew, many others at The Lincoln Project knew, and that they all sought to cover it up, either directly or by public omission. Imagine if this had all blown up during the presidential election? That was likely part of the motivation to keep everything under wraps.

Meanwhile, The Lincoln Project figures like George Conway are trying to play innocent outsider. Few are buying the act, though.

This story is far from over. There’s already a criminal investigation involved, and the financial dealings of The Lincoln Project look far from above board. All the scam artists who made bank the last year are now trying to distance themselves and pretend they knew nothing. No, they don’t get to do that, even if they didn’t know personally about Weaver. The Lincoln Project made guilt by association a rallying cry to attack Trump associates. They get to live by their own rules.


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