More Damning Claims Follow After The Lincoln Project Co-Founder Releases Unbelievable Statement

More Damning Claims Follow After The Lincoln Project Co-Founder Releases Unbelievable Statement
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If you’ve ever seen The Lincoln Project’s Steve Schmidt, formerly known for his top role in John McCain’s campaign, you know exactly what kind of person he is. Like most of the figures associated with the rabidly anti-Trump, and seemingly corrupt PAC, Schmidt comes across as a raving lunatic with no moral center at all in his many cable news appearances. MSNBC is especially fond of him.

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With The Lincoln Project burning faster than the Hindenburg, Schmidt decided it was finally time to run screaming with his arms flailing. He released this unbelievably tone-deaf statement last night, first reported by RedState’s Jennifer Van Laar. He claimed it to be “his truth,” a common turn of phrase from the woke left when they are not wanting to face reality.

One, maybe don’t write a novel next time? Two, you have to almost admire the shamelessness involved in this. Not only does Schmidt claim ignorance and take skirt responsibly for the condition of an organization he co-founded, he manages to plug his next media appearance at the end.

As Glenn Greenwald shred last night, these are rats escaping a sinking ship.

Honestly, I’m not sure what’s more pathetic. That Schmidt released that statement with a straight face, or that so many anti-Trump accounts rushed to praise his bravery in the responses. It’s alter-reality stuff.

Meanwhile, following the release of said statement, Schmidt’s claims of ignorance were undermined by another report.

Did Schmidt cleverly not mention which January he found out in order to paint a misleading picture about his knowledge? I don’t know the answer to that. Yashar Ali’s source apparently does so we’ll have to rely on the veracity of their claim. I will say from a purely speculatory standpoint that it seems completely improbable that Weaver’s activities were an open secret for decades but that not a single member of The Lincoln Project, including it’s top leadership who partnered with Weaver, knew about it.

It’s also very rich to now see George Conway pretend to be an outside observer to all this just because he resigned from the group some months ago. Schmidt is especially bad, though, given he reportedly profited over $1,000,000 from the grift.

There needs to be far more of a reckoning here than is currently taking place.


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