David Perdue Files to Run in Georgia Again Because Republicans Never Learn

Credit Perdue for Senate

David Perdue is no longer a U.S. Senator after losing his run-off election earlier this year. Perdue, an establishment favorite, was beaten by a Beto O’Rourke clone named Jon Ossoff. You may remember him from his earlier defeat in a House race that gathered national attention, and set a lot of money on fire.


Unsurprisingly, because establishment losers never stop trying to lose again, Perdue is filing to run against Sen. Raphael Warnock, who previously beat out Kelly Loeffler. Warnock’s partial term lasts until the 2022 election.

Former Sen. David Perdue filed Federal Election Commission paperwork Monday to become a candidate to run for Senate in 2022, Fox News has learned.

Perdue, who lost re-election to Sen. Jon Ossoff, D-Ga., during Georgia’s Senate runoff election on Jan. 5, filed FEC paperwork on Monday evening, designating a “principal campaign committee” titled: “Perdue for Senate.”

This has shades of Martha McSally, who managed to lose both of Arizona’s Senate seats in the span of two years. While the establishment have no problem crying about candidates they see as “unelectable,” their choices can also fall into that category.

And while it’s very in vogue to simply blame Donald Trump for every single Republican loss of the last four years, Perdue, McSally, and others like them share in the blame of their defeats. Yesterday, a report came out that Mitch McConnell wouldn’t back any Trump candidate he deemed unable to win. Will McConnell hold that standard with candidates from his corner of the party? Given the fact that McSally continued to enjoy significant backing from the establishment despite her original loss in 2018, I have my doubts.


Republicans need to be smarter than this. No, we don’t need to nominate some freak-show who can’t win (yeah, I’m looking at Kelli Ward in Arizona), but we also shouldn’t be looking to put up retreads who’ve already lost either. That’s one of the reasons I prefer Ron DeSantis in 2024, at least until some other possible candidate shows they are any competition. It’s always preferable, in my opinion, to give voters someone fresh than to re-litigate old baggage. That person should also track at least somewhat with where the base of the party is. Perdue isn’t that guy, and he’s unlikely to spur much excitement by running again.

In short, if the establishment are going to insist Trump is out of style because he lost an election, that standard should apply to a range of other Republicans as well. If a candidate is bad enough to lose once, they are probably bad enough to lose again. We learned that the hard way in Arizona. Maybe try something different this time?



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