My Pillow's Mike Lindell Goes on Newsmax, and Things Go Absolutely Haywire

My Pillow's Mike Lindell Goes on Newsmax, and Things Go Absolutely Haywire
Photo courtesy of Mike Lindell

My Pillow’s Mike Lindell went on Newsmax today and things went absolutely haywire. Things ended with a lot of yelling and one of the hosts getting up and leaving.

You probably won’t be surprised with what set the disagreement off.

The Daily Caller provides more details.

Newsmax host Heather Childers began the interview by asking Lindell why he was permanently suspended. The MyPillow CEO immediately dove into a speech about election fraud and began making claims about Dominion Voting Systems that have been refuted by many. (RELATED: REPORT: Dominion Voting Systems Threatens MyPillow CEO With ‘Imminent’ Lawsuit)

Sellers quickly tried to interrupt, noting that Newsmax has “not been able to verify any of those kinds of allegations.”

Lindell starts talking about voting machines and election fraud during a segment he was likely warned not to. Newsmax, who is being targeted by Dominion for defamation, and the hosts of the show weren’t very happy about the detour. That’s certainly understandable. Libel laws are libel laws, and given the litigious nature of the current political scene, Newsmax has to make moves to protect itself.

Sellers, one of the hosts, tried to get the conversation back on track. That didn’t go well, resulting in Sellers getting up and leaving.

Sellers then tried to divert the subject back to censorship and asked Lindell if he believes the ban “should be temporary.” Lindell, however, continued his speech throughout before abruptly stopping to ask Sellers: “What?”

“Could you make an argument that this could be a temporary banning rather than permanent?” Sellers repeated.

Lindell used the question to launch right back into allegations of mass voter fraud and promptly claimed that he will be “revealing all of the evidence on Friday” regarding fraud “with these machines.”

I guess we can see on Friday what exactly Lindell is talking about, though I’m once again left wondering why anyone with actual evidence of any type of voter fraud would wait another week to announce it? What’s the significance of Friday? I think most people are tired of empty promises and political game playing on this topic.

Regardless, Newsmax is obviously trying to insulate themselves going forward. They want to compete with Fox News, and they can’t do that if they are sued into oblivion. Some people may not like that, but that’s the reality we live in.

Mike Lindell will do just fine in the meantime. He’s selling pillows like hotcakes with all this fresh publicity.

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