Tucker Carlson Exposes Biden DOJ Pick as a Racist, Anti-Semite

Tucker Carlson Exposes Biden DOJ Pick as a Racist, Anti-Semite
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To the extent that Joe Biden holds any control over his own incoming administration (and his own faculties), he’s willfully ceded that control to the most woke elements of his party. When the most “moderate” picks he can muster are people who espouse the failed foreign policy of Barack Obama, you just know his domestic policy picks are going to be on the extreme left.

That’s been confirmed via several examples already, including the attempted elevation of Neera Tanden, a wild conspiracy theorist who spent the last four years trolling Trump supporters and mumbling about Russian collusion. Unfortunately, with the GOP losing the Senate, there’s likely on stopping here.

Nor will there be any stopping of Kristen Clarke, Biden’s pick to head the DOJ Civil Rights Division. Tucker Carlson did a number of Clarke last night, exposing her past racist statements, and they are quite the eye opener.

Clarke also holds antisemitic views because that seems to almost be a requirement among the most woke of the left these days. I guess that makes her perfect for a Biden administration which promises to undo all the gains made President Trump over the years involving Israel and the Middle East peace.

Regardless, her racism can not be denied. She quite literally believes that black people are genetically  superior to others because they possess more melanin. Unfortunately, this has become a more and more popular view on the fringe left, though it echos the worst of racism’s past again black people. Why anyone who truly recognizes right from wrong would want to adopt a position on genetics that the Nazis found persuasive is a bit of a mystery, with the obvious answer that she doesn’t recognize right from wrong.

That’s obviously not a person who needs to be running the DOJ Civil Rights division. It’s a person who needs to be ridiculed and marginalized until they no longer come close to the levers of power. But, losing has consequences, and with Trump exiting the White House (and the losses in the Senate), there’s simply not much that can be done to stop this. Biden is not strong enough to push back on those pulling the strings within his administration, and that’s even if he wanted to, which he doesn’t. He’s going to read his teleprompter and go along to get along as the woke make the decisions.

The next four years are going to do untold damage to the country.

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