Biden Wants a Wild Conspiracy Theorist as OMB Head, Republicans Laugh Uncontrollable

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Joe Biden is moving ahead with announcing his probable appointments despite the election not being officially decided yet. Arrogance aside, most of his picks have been what you’d expect. Namely, a bunch of failed mediocrities like Jake Sullivan and Antony Blinken whose only real “experience” is being wrong about nearly every major issue placed in front of them. Of course, the media treat them as heroes, with PBS’ resident liberal hack journalist proclaiming they are like the “Avengers” (see Yamiche Alcindor Shares a ‘Democrats Say’ Moment, and It’s Everything Wrong With D.C.).


But there’s another announced pick that’s making headlines today. Biden is now pushing a noted conspiracy theorist for head of the OMB. You’ll also be less than surprised to know that Bill Kristol, self-proclaimed conservative savior and Joe Biden booster, is fully onboard.

There’s a problem though. Tanden is not tough-minded, nor is she the right person for the job. She’s just a freaking crazy person.

Yes, Tanden was a big pusher of the idea that the Russians not only “interfered” in the election in 2016, she also spread the idea that the Russians actually changed vote totals. That’s a conspiracy theory so nuts that I’m not sure even Hillary Clinton has actually supported it, though she’s spent plenty of time whining about other ways the election was “stolen” from her. Does this sound like a person who should be in any position of power, much less a high position like head of the OMB?


Meanwhile, Tanden was also all in on the pee tape and promoting the Steele Dossier as “true.” Worse, she didn’t say this in early 2017 when things were still being fleshed out. She actually said that in 2018, long after most of the most ridiculous claims had been shown to be completely baseless.

There are a lot of reasons to oppose Biden’s coming appointments if he indeed gets to make appointments after Inauguration Day in January. But anyone who pushed the Steele Dossier and/or other wild Russia based conspiracy theories should not even get a vote. McConnell should simply in Biden’s face at the mere suggestion.

John Cornyn, among other Republicans, is already saying it’s not gonna happen.

This is another reason it’s important to win the coming Georgia run-offs. That’s the only way Biden’s most insane appointments can be stopped. Any Republican that would vote to confirm Neera Tanden (glares at Mitt Romney) should never hold office again. These are the lines that must be held, and at least right now, the GOP are taking the right position. This woman can not be allowed to head an agency, period.


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