Reporter Tries and Horrendously Fails to Own Mike Pence, the Responses Are Hilarious

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We are constantly assured that journalists are our intellectual and personal betters, but the evidence on that front is extremely lacking. For the latest example, we go to a Huffington Post reporter named Jennifer Bendery who made an attempt to trash Mike Pence as a liar. Let’s just say it didn’t go well.


See if you can spot the problem here.

I guess in journalist math, over two million does not actually add up to the plural form of “millions.” Of course, Bendery probably knows this but is such a partisan hack that she can’t allow herself to possibly give the orange man’s administration credit for following through. I’m sure she was doubting there would be a vaccine at all by the end of the year. The goalposts must be moved to “they aren’t giving out enough doses” now to keep the negative narrative going.

You’ll probably be less than surprised that Bendery doubled down.

The internet wasn’t kind in response.


Here’s the truth of the situation. Donald Trump said we’d have a vaccine by the end of the year. He also said we’d have millions of doses given out by the end of the year. Both of those things were true. No amount of media spin or shifting the standards to complaining about the exact amount given so far will change that. They simply can’t take Trump’s accomplishment away from him. And that drives them nuts. Thus, you get stupidity from this “senior” reporter in which she shows her inability to understand how numbers work.

Meanwhile, all we get from Biden is him giving the same speech over and over about masks, a mitigation measure that quite obviously doesn’t do much of anything. There’s a reason California leads the country in per capita infections the last few days. The lockdowns, the masks, etc. are pointless. The vaccine was always the only path forward, and Trump delivered the goods.

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