Media and Democrats Decide They Love Forever War Now Because Orange Man Bad

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Donald Trump caused much consternation within the beltway last week after he announced that he would follow through on pulling most of the remaining troops out of Afghanistan. As per our usual agreement, the neoconservative contingent, including Mitt Romney, lost their minds demanding that a “reason” be given for attempting to end a 20 year war. You know, because being at war is now the default and needs no defense or something.


At least that segment of the right was being consistent though. What’s been perhaps even more jarring is how the mainstream media and Democrats have suddenly decided they love forever war now.

Remember, these are the same outlets that ran death counters under the Bush administration (though they mysteriously disappeared during the Obama years). It seems like eons ago, but there was a time when MSNBC, CNN, and the like were fully on board the anti-war bandwagon. Crazies from outfits like ‘Code Pink’ were promoted as legitimate sources of information and dissent. Now, Andrea Mitchell and her cohorts are breathlessly regurgitating takes they would have never entertained just four years ago. That’s the power of orange man bad.

Speaking of which, here’s Tammy Duckworth making absolutely no sense whatsoever.


Who knew that taking a transport to the airport and flying home was more dangerous than continuing to patrol and sit in the line of fire? And yes, I realize that’s a bit of a simplification, as there are other logistical issues involved in pulling out, but the idea that doing so is going to kill more people than staying in country another year (or decade) is probably the most nonsensical thing I’ve heard this week, and that’s saying something.

Honestly, it must be exhausting to be a Democrat having to try to toe this line. They’ve spent years calling Bush a war criminal and pumping up Obama as a man of peace only to have Donald Trump be the one to actually follow through. Now, they’ve got to pretend it’s actually a bad thing to end these now mostly pointless wars.

To be clear, I don’t say that as someone who’s an “isolationist” or reflexively against all armed conflict. I say that as someone who’s a realist and can see that our mission in Afghanistan is not accomplishing anything at this point. If the only reason to stay is to save face, which appears to be the only argument those still arguing in favor of the war have, that’s not a good enough reason.


It is amazing though. Donald Trump is quite literally capable of turning everyone into what they claim to hate. That’s how powerful their disdain for him is.

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