After Excusing Rioting for Months, What the Media Are Freaking out Over Now Is Hilarious

Since early summer, the country has been rocked with almost non-stop rioting via probable Biden voters that has spread to well over a dozen different cities. As recently as last week, we once again saw widespread looting and violence, this time in Philadelphia because the police shot a man who tried to attack them with a knife.


Given the circumstances of this latest instance, you’d hope that even those who have previously excused rioting and looting would have said enough is enough. But that’s not what happened, and we instead got another round of MSNBC and CNN ignoring and/or downplaying what was happening.

That’s what makes this next clip so hilarious.

To be clear, Trump voters did not actually “surround” Biden’s bus. They formed a caravan line alongside the bus, something which is completely legal. Another car that was not part of the Trump protest then pulled out in front of the caravan and caused an accident. That car was possibly driven by a Biden-Harris staffer trying to cause trouble.


Even without the above aggression towards the caravan, which again was just using a public road legally, the idea that they could be charged with aggravated assault or false imprisonment is fantasyland stuff. There’s absolutely no legal precedent for that at all, nor should there be. For media members who supposedly care about people’s rights to say this kind of stuff is funny, yet disturbing at the same time.

Meanwhile, the left weren’t done whining. They also lost it over another Trump caravan in New Jersey which led to a stoppage in traffic.

Of course, that turned out to be fake news as well.

Again, though, even if Trump supporters had shut down a stretch of road, not a single figure on the left has a right to say anything. They’ve been claiming that shutting down roads for protests is a valid form of dissension since long before the George Floyd protests broke out in June. There’s hypocrisy, and then there’s whatever the heck this is.


Morning Joe and his sidekick are just a joke. I get being politically biased. What I don’t get is being able to get up and be that shameless day after day. Burning down police precincts is not worthy of coverage, but Trump supporters honking their horns is a national emergency or something. It’s all so stupid.

Regardless, let’s hope this increased enthusiasm pays dividends for the president on Tuesday.

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