NYT Tries Desperate Anti-Trump Hit to Distract From Hunter Biden, Makes Things Worse

FILE - In this Jan. 30, 2010, file photo, Vice President Joe Biden, left, with his son Hunter, right, at the Duke Georgetown NCAA college basketball game in Washington. (AP Photo/Nick Wass, File)

The New York Times can’t be bothered to report on the worsening scandal involving Joe and Hunter Biden. This despite having have emails, of which their authenticity isn’t even being questioned by the Biden campaign because they know they are real, that show corrupt foreign dealings and payoffs, including purportedly to Joe Biden himself. To say this is the biggest scandal of the year is not an understatement, and that includes the sham impeachment the Democrats foisted upon the public until early February.

It appears things are only going to get worse for the Bidens as well.

I’ve always suspected that things are being held back until the last few days before the election. The attention span of the American people is very short. The current political environment demands you drop bombshells in a compact enough time span that people still have it on their mind when they go to pull the lever (or punch the button) for someone.

Given that, the Times decided to try to change the subject with one of the weakest, most desperate counter attacks you’ll see.

It’s oh so super breaking. Remember, the Times has had these returns for a while. They are selectively trying to drop these stories to influence the election because they aren’t a real news organization that just puts information out there as they get it. But I digress because this is a total non-story.

Trump had a business account which was fully disclosed and claimed via his tax returns in China. That is not only completely normal for an international business man because having local accounts is sometimes necessary, there is nothing in the Times piece that purports to show anything corrupt or illegal. It’s literally just an old bank account that he opened before he even became president.

There’s another aspect to this story though, which is the hypocrisy being shown by social media. Why is this completely unsubstanciated, vague allegation from the Times that was garnered via “unauthorized means” not being censored? Why is the New York Post’s account suspended to this day, but the Times gets to post whatever they want without so much as a warning label slapped on it?

The answer is, of course, that these social media companies are nothing but partisan actors and that their “standards” are completely maleable depending on what political narrative they want to push. The Times shoves out a thinly sourced, garbage hit piece that doesn’t actually show anything and it gets promoted. The Post puts out a story targeting Hunter Biden rife with real evidence of corruption and they get banned. See how this works?

While some conservatives are content to let this all slide under the faux guise of the “free market,” of which these monopolies with government given liability protection don’t actually operate in, but many on the right are not. It’s time to go on offense for once.

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