Watch: BLM Supporters Carry Out Homophobic Attack On Guests Leaving the White House

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas
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BLM protest, Washington, D.C.


The scene at the RNC last night may have been triumphant and well produced, but what was happening outside the walls was far from it. Mobs of “protesters” gathered to assault people, chant expletives, and behead a Trump caricature with a guillotine. In other words, it was just another night for the radical left.


Numerous reports of harassment and assault were reported by those leaving the White House, including Rand Paul being surrounded as one of the officers protecting him was attacked. Another incident involved a bout of homophobia caught on video. A group of Black Lives Matters supporters (as identified by their t-shirts and rhetoric) decided to verbally and physically assault Brandon Straka and Mike Harlow as they went back to their hotel.

There’s nothing rational coming out of the mouths of these BLM supporters. They are just seething with anger, attacking people they don’t even know over political issues they don’t even understand. It is not justified to treat people this way, no matter how much you may disagree with them. Eventually, after the verbal spat, one of the women walks back up and hits the second man, knocking his phone out of his hand.

The entitlement and lack of respect being shown in this video is far too common place, especially within the BLM movement. We’ve seen deranged demands made with vitriolic rhetoric along with proclamations that they will get what they want whether others like it or not. In essence, they are attempting to hold the country hostage, saying vote for our preferred politicians or else. This is not how a free society works. It is not democracy to verbally shout people down and attack them in the street. It’s tyranny.


But what this also shows is that this isn’t really about marginalized groups. It’s about throwing a temper tantrum. These are spoiled children that just happen to be over 18. The way you deal with spoiled children is to not give them what they want. Hopefully, voters recognize that in November and send the Democrat party a message they can’t ignore.

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