Hysterical Media Figures Dust Off Their Russia Collusion Conspiracy Theories After Intel Report Drops

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FILE – In this Monday, July 16, 2018, file photo, U.S. President Donald Trump, left, and Russian President Vladimir Putin shake hands at the beginning of a meeting at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki, Finland. As Americans prepare for another election, Russian troublemakers appear to laboring afresh to divide U.S. voters and discredit democracy, and perhaps even sway the outcome. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File)


This week was a bad week for Joe Biden. The presidential candidate had a series of embarrassing moments, including one tinged with racism (see Joe Biden Goes Full Metal Racist Again). Further, it was a bad week for the Democrat narrative in general, which figures like Chuck Schumer doing an about face and saying schools need to open. Despite the worst predictions, states like Florida, Arizona, and Texas also looks to be past their coronavirus spikes with a tiny fraction of the deaths that New York had.

What’s this all add up to? The media dusting off the Russian collusion narrative, because everything that’s old is new again when it comes to shilling for the left. That was driven by the selective reading of of a new intel report which says Russia is seeking to denigrate Joe Biden while China and Iran are working to see Trump lose.

Here’s the text.

What this release actually says isn’t that groundbreaking. Foreign adversaries have preferences in U.S. politics. To the extent that anything written in the above document is even relevant, it’s likely just the opinion of intel analysts and is not based on any hard data. In fact, I suspect that’s all this is meant to convey. It’s not meant to provide solid evidence of actual nefarious actions being taken, but is more a summary of the public rhetoric of these countries and who they are targeting.


The media just can’t help themselves though. Instead of reporting the assessment in its entirely, including about China helping Biden, they decided to just lie about it by omission. Here’s MSNBC’s most ridiculous producer (and there’s a lot of competition for that honor) hot on the trail.

Griffin’s take was tame though compared to his network’s chief daytime anchor, Nicole Wallace. She decided to put on the tinfoil hat and just dive right back into every ridiculous Russian conspiracy theory she’s peddled over the last four years.

She actually suggests that because Ron Johnson wants Biden to lose, that he must be colluding with the Russians because Russia wants Biden to lose. This is logic not even befitting for a five year old, yet there it is in all it’s glory, being broadcast by one of the most vapid people on cable news. She manages to get paid for this breathtakingly stupid level of analysis as well. Props to her for that I suppose.


Nothing in that intel report indicates any kind of collusion or improper activity by any American. It doesn’t even really suggest anything out of the ordinary when talking about China, Russia, and Iran. Of course they are going to meddle in the election as best they can. Contrary to the left-wing narrative, such efforts did not start in 2016, nor are they extrodinary. The Russians and Chinese were working to prop up Democrats for decades, for example. Regardless, anyone still deluding themselves with wild Russian collusion conspiracy theories should seek professional help.

Meanwhile, you get idiocy like this.

Yes, because if China is known for anything these days, it’s being weaker, having less resources, and being less capable than Russia. These people “lead” us. Think about that for a moment.

In summary, these people are nuts, and the American people should not reward them with a victory in November.




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