Super-Dooper Moderate Joe Biden Ushers in Return to Normalcy by Endorsing Destruction of the Senate Filibuster

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky
Democratic presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at Alexis Dupont High School in Wilmington, Del., Tuesday, June 30, 2020. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)


Remember when some on the right were assuring everyone that Biden getting elected was no big deal? That he would just maintain the status quo and that not voting for Trump was proper because it wouldn’t matter that much? It’d be a “return to normalcy” they told us. Yeah, about that.

Joe Biden has come out and endorsed getting rid of the Senate filibuster, with his only caveat being that he won’t endorse it if Republicans do what he wants. That’s quite the choice, right?

Note that he used his big boy word of the day. I’m guessing the campaign is giving him a list at this point so he seems less mentally checked out. He used the word obstreperous so he must not have early-onset dementia.

Of course, all this relies on Republicans also losing the Senate, a very real prospect if Trump isn’t re-elected. In fact, we’ve seen some Senate candidates actually running behind Trump in these contested races. Arizona is likely already lost because the establishment are idiots who decided to appoint Martha McSally, who had already lost a Senate seat in 2018, to John McCain’s seat. She’s not even very competitive at this point in what is a very competitive state for Trump. Appointing Kelly Loeffler in Georgia hasn’t worked out so well either. She’s been accused of insider trading (though she’s legally in the clear) and is running a close race in what should be a walk-off victory. Meanwhile, establishment favorite Cory Gardner can’t even fend off a challenge from a guy convicted of ethics violations.


In other words, if the GOP loses the Senate, it’s not going to be Trump’s fault. Really stupid decision-making will be what brought that on.

Regardless, I don’t think Biden is bluffing here. He wants to be seen as a revolutionary, FDR type figure in his waning years left on earth. If Democrats retake the Senate, he’ll be first in line to push for the filibuster to go bye-bye so he can push through his agenda. Anyone telling you that Biden is going to be a moderate voice is lying to you. He’d be the most radical, left-wing president in history.

Those on the right pushing for, either directly or indirectly, Biden’s election are going to own what he brings down on the country. They don’t get to go back to sniping on the sidelines as if they aren’t responsible. Republican voters will remember.



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