The Dragging of Rick Wilson Gets Worse and Now His Wife Is Hilariously Involved

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Rick Wilson is not having a good week.

If you aren’t familiar with him, consider yourself lucky. He’s a former GOP operative who, like most former GOP operatives, never managed to work on a major winning campaign. He’s now one of the faces of the anti-Trump Lincoln Project. Wilson considers himself a trailblazer of principle, boldly electing Democrats to ensure the plight of orange man bad is rid from the earth.


Recently, as RedState’s Sister Toldjah covered here and here, Wilson got himself into a bit of trouble. You see, as a proponent of cancel culture, he attempted to cancel Domino’s over an eight-year-old tweet in which they acknowledged that the current Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, had praised their pizza on Twitter.

The tables quickly turned, though.

Now, things are getting worse for Wilson. Drew Holden put together a thread chronicling some of Wilson’s past takes, many of which are either contradictory to his current positions or show him to be a conspiratorial maniac.

I won’t post all of Drew’s tweets (go read the entire thread, it’s worth it), but here are a few more highlights:


The examples just keep going and going.

Meanwhile, Wilson’s wife is now involved and brain cells are being lost by the minute.

And just in case Wilson and his wife try to claim her tweet on Mexicans is fake, here’s video of it from multiple sources.

Wilson’s wife would go on to admit the picture of the cooler was real after initially lying about. Instead, she’s now claiming it’s her sons. In what is the truest form of irony, she chastised Caleb for possibly hurting her son when her husband’s job is literally to destroy other people’s lives. What you are seeing is actual privilege on display to the starkest degree. These people have grown rich from canceling others and running scam operations like The Lincoln Project, but the moment one of their family members enters the fray, they want to cry foul. That’s not how the real world works.


Wilson has routinely appeared on cable news to call Trump a racist while he owns a confederate flag cooler that says “The South Will Rise Again.” You can’t make this stuff up and Wilson deserves everything he’s getting right now.



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