The Democrat Party Is Melting Down as Bernie Sanders Surges

You Like Me Right?

Things are really starting to get real for the Democrat establishment.

After years of convincing themselves that they could control the side effects of embracing wokeness and overt socialism, they are starting to get consumed by them. That’s coming most pointedly in the form of Bernie Sanders, a man who’s history includes honeymooning in the Soviet Union and praising Latin American communists when he’s not stumping for the nationalization of industries.


A few months ago, no one gave Sanders a legitimate shot to win the nomination. Today, he’s poised to possibly run the table in the first three Democratic primary states. The monster has been created and there’s no putting it back in its cage.

This is leading to chaos among the DNC’s ruling class, with rumors of bringing back super delegates and theories that the Des Moines Register poll was booted because Sanders was leading. John Kerry was overheard just a day ago trashing Sanders and laughably floating a last minute run. He now denies that, but there’s no doubt panic has set in among the Democrat establishment.

Erielle Davidson over at The Federalist sums up the mood.

On Sunday evening, NBC News reported that former Secretary of State John Kerry, while stumping for former Vice President Joe Biden in Iowa, was overheard in a Des Moines hotel describing the steps he would have to take to run for president, given “the possibility of Bernie Sanders taking down the Democratic Party — down whole.” If true, Kerry’s remarks are just the tip of the iceberg in highlighting the general discomfort felt by many establishment figures within the party.

Although Kerry responded with a profanity-laced tweet denying the allegations (later deleting the tweet and replacing it with the PG version), the notion that establishment Democrats may in fact be fearful of a Sanders candidacy is not new. Now, I don’t feel bad for establishment Democrats scrambling to find a left-of-center candidate to challenge the surging self-declared socialist rising in their midst. For years, Democrats in Washington have played footsie with the avante garde Marxists within their party, yet now have the audacity to feign shock at the possibility that these Marxists might actually seek to run the party.


Democrats have no one to blame but themselves. They’ve coddled communists and radical inter-sectionalists for their own short term gain, but now those dangerous ideas have eaten their party whole. Where both sides used to at least agree on the virtues of capitalism and patriotism, we’ve now entered uncharted territory. A huge portion of the Democrat base now subscribe to all manner of self-loathing and foolish economic theories. Where do they go from here?

That’s not an easy answer to give. Perhaps Sanders winning the nomination and losing would reset the deck? I’m skeptical though. Does anyone see this new generation of Democrats standing down? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and the rest of the socialist lunch bunch are not going away and they are the mainline for this new “movement.” Nancy Pelosi had a chance to shut them down and not let this get to far, but it’s simply too late now. Instead of saving her party, she decided to waste her time and political capital on a failed impeachment attempt of the President.

No doubt, the Democrat party will throw a few more buckets of water on the raging inferno over the next few months to try to handicap Sanders. But if he wins Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada to start this primary season, it’s going to be nearly impossible to stop his momentum toward the nomination. In that case, it becomes more paramount than ever for President Trump to avoid mistakes and win re-election.


This is what the Democrats have brought upon themselves, and now they’ll pay the price for their deal with the devil.



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