Donald Trump Jr. Goes on ABC and Burns It to the Ground

Donald Trump Jr. is an interesting character. He’s certainly got some of his dad’s shtick in him, but he’s also very good on his feet and disciplined in a confrontation.


We got to see that on display on ABC’s “The View” earlier today. Some moments involving calling out Joy Behar for blackface and Whoopi Goldberg for defending a child rapist were reported on earlier here at RedState. But I want to focus on one exchange that went far beyond politics and Donald Trump.

Earlier this week, we learned that ABC News had systematically suppressed the story of Jeffrey Epstein, including not airing an interview with one of his victims. They made the claim that they lacked corroboration to meet their “strict” editorial standards. That’s a ridiculous assertion. This is the same network that aired the Julie Swetnick allegations against Brett Kavanaugh. They have no standards except partisan ones.

To this point, ABC has refused to even report on the controversy and no guest has brought it up on any of their shows.

That all changed with Don Jr. going on “The View” to get interviewed about his new book (which was never even asked about).

We now know that ABC News found the whistle-blower who exposed their cover-up to protect a pedophile. Their response? They colluded with CBS News to get the woman fired from her current job. These are the same virtue signaling networks that are claiming it’s of grave moral imperative that we don’t expose who the Trump-Ukraine “whistle-blower” is.


While all the women on “The View” are constantly preening about how awful Trump is, their employer is actively trying to squash evidence that shows they passed on exposing a child sex trafficking ring for political reasons. It’s disgusting, and all the while, they are taking their paychecks and nodding approvingly at whatever the company line is. The supposed moral superiority they feigned while conducting this interview with Don Jr. was a complete joke.

Meanwhile, Don Jr. also managed to catch Whoopi Goldberg in another lie involving impeachment and we’ve got the receipts.

So Joy Behar couldn’t remember wearing blackface even though she admitted it on air not to long ago, and Whoopi can’t remember that she called for Trump’s impeachment on Day One even though she did. Crazy how video works, right?

ABC should not escape from what they’ve wrought. If Fox News had punted and actively suppressed a story on a Republican pedophile entangled with rich and powerful people, every single other network would be running it for weeks as their top story. But because it’s one of their own, CNN, CBS, NBC, etc. are circling the wagons. It shows just how total garbage these networks are. Our press is not worth anything. The sooner alternative sources of media overtake them, the better.



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