That Hillary Clinton Broadway Play Is Going About As Well As Expected

I’ll admit that I didn’t know this existed until earlier this afternoon.

Apparently, there’s a Broadway play that centers on Bill and Hillary Clinton in which their roles are reversed in some kind of alternate universe portrayal. Clearly, there’s next level artistic mastery at work here. The play revolves around a fictional conversation set during the 2008 Democratic Party presidential primary.


Unfortunately for those actually working the production, things aren’t going that well.

“Hillary and Clinton,” which stars Laurie Metcalf and John Lithgow as alternate-universe versions of Hillary and Bill Clinton, was set to close July 21 but will end its run early after 37 previews and 77 regular performances, according to the publication.

The play depicts a fictional conversation between the two during the 2008 primary season in a New Hampshire hotel room, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The producer of the play hasn’t had the best record lately.

It will become the third play produced by Scott Rudin during the 2018-19 theater season to end its run prematurely, following his productions of Shakespeare’s “King Lear” and “Gary: A Sequel to Titus Andronicus,” according to the publication.

About the second or third failure, you’d think people would stop investing in this stuff, but the price of woke entertainment is high and rarely relies on actually making a profit to exist. You can take a look at the recent failures of ThinkProgress for proof of that.

All in all, the production cost about $4.2M but will be ending over a month early. That can’t be good for the bottom line. Worse, even before having to close the doors early, ticket prices had already plummeted. It’s unlikely any actual cash was made from the endeavor.


You’d think at some point these producers, movie makers, and other players in big-budget entertainment would realize that being woke doesn’t pay. No one wants to watch Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton riff about the toils of life in a fictional depiction. Heck, no one wanted to see them in a non-fictional setting, as their latest “tour” ended up being a colossal flop, with tickets reaching the $2-3 level. People want to escape reality in their entertainment, not be bombarded with yet more political content.

In the case of the Clintons, I think they have finally reached the end of their grift. Their party has left them for redder pastures and they just don’t sell anymore.


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