Adam Schiff Sweats Profusely While Showing Off the Dishonest Hypocrisy of Democrats on Investigations

Someone should tell Adam Schiff to stop obstructing justice. At least by the standards he and other Democrats (and the media) have laid out.

We’ve been told continuously since the release of the Mueller report that criticizing investigators amounts to obstruction when it came to Trump’s tweeting about the Mueller probe. Now, all the sudden, it’s completely in vogue to go after the DOJ and bash not only their investigations, but the investigators directly by name.


Comey is doing it. Clapper has done it. Now Rep. Schiff, the guy who lied for two years about having evidence of collusion, is getting in on the act.

Does he sound nervous? He sounds nervous to me.

In Schiff’s case, his actions are almost certainly being probed as Barr has announced they have multiple leak investigations ongoing. No one has leaked more confidential material than Adam Schiff when it comes to Congressional members. At one point he was literally live leaking an ongoing testimony to CNN.

Also, by what basis is Schiff claiming that it’s not true that the Trump campaign was spied on? That’s already been confirmed. A female “cloaked investigator,” per The New York Times’ laughable choice of language, was used against Trump campaign officials. We also know the Page warrants, based on the false Steele dossier, were retroactive. It’s also been confirmed that multiple informants were run against the campaign. To anyone not playing semantics for political reasons, this all amounts to spying.


There’s also the hypocrisy on investigations in general to point out. Schiff himself is running a series of redundant, pointless investigations trying to re-cover ground that Mueller already covered. Why? Because he didn’t like the outcome. You’d think Schiff would love investigations. In fact, the perspective of Democrats going on almost three years has been to assert that 1) investigations are always good and 2) that you only attack them if you have something to hide.

Here’s Chuck Schumer making that very assertion not too long ago.

Good news kids. Slamming investigations is acceptable again, so get your shots in.

This is all comically hypocritical and shows the partisan nature of Democrat complaints. They love investigations until the investigators start sniffing around areas they don’t like. Then it’s no longer an “attack on the shield” to question the FBI or the DOJ. You see, Democrats are allowed to do it, but if you ever questioned the original Russia investigation, you probably obstructed justice and need to be arrested. Consistency and all that.


Bill Barr is obviously making a lot of Democrats and Obama officials sweat and that’s a good thing. Time for the truth to come out.


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