CNN's Brian Stelter Disgustingly Lies About Ralph Northam's Infanticide Comments, Attacks Trump Instead

This guy has a lot of nerve and zero shame.

Before VA Gov. Ralph Northam was roiled in a racism scandal for appearing in a picture in a KKK hood (or in black face, he won’t say which he was), there was another, far more sickening occurrence involving him. Namely, that he outright endorsed infanticide, stating that a baby could be terminated after birth if a doctor and mother decided to do so. This was in response to an extreme abortion bill that had been introduced in the VA legislature.


We will get to the proof that Northam said it in a minute, but first I want to start with CNN’s Brian Stelter responding to Donald Trump talking about the issue at his recent rally in Wisconcin.

Why? Because this is how he reacted to the President quoting Northam nearly verbatim on the issue.

Someone tell this dude to change his Twitter profile pic already. If you’ve seen him on TV lately, it’s clearly false advertising.

Anyway, false and shocking? Well, he got one part right. What Trump said was indeed shocking but it was also 100% true. How do we know? Because there’s actual video of Northam saying it.


Listen to the whole clip. It’s all there and Trump did not misrepresent anything of what he said.

Yet, CNN and Stelter are outright lying about it in order to cover for Democrats and attack Trump. It’s gaslighting garbage.

And just in case there was in doubt about what the actual bill introduced in VA would do, here is its author giving a breakdown of what it would allow.

The Democrat position on abortion and post-birth infanticide is completely indefensible. Notice that Stelter doesn’t even try. Instead he simply lies and pretends what was said wasn’t actually ever said. It’s despicable and pure, unadulterated bias. Unlike most political issues though, we are dealing with a clearly outlined evil here. Stelter shows what kind of person he is by choosing to obfuscate and mislead on what Democrats have proposed in this case. He’s essentially a disgusting propagandist at this point, i.e. the kind of person who’d deny mass murder to protect his chosen party.


Here’s a tip for Stelter and any other Democrat who wants to lie about this issue. If you can’t defend killing babies after birth, don’t propose it.


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