WATCH: Bill Mahar Mocks Adam Schiff for "Stalking" Donald Trump

No one has acted worse in regards to pushing baseless Trump-Russia conspiracy theories than Rep. Adam Schiff. He’s on TV every single weekend (and some weekdays) constantly pushing baseless accusations. He’s been claiming evidence of Trump-Russia collusion for legitimately years now.


After the Mueller report blew up his fever dreams, he quickly shifted to claiming he was talking about “evidence in plain sight” this whole time. It’s a laughable shift and as desperate as it is funny. He also decided it was now his job to make moral judgements on use of opposition research, even if nothing illegal occurred. I missed that in Congress’ constitutional oversight role, but it’s Schiff. He just says stuff.

Bill Mahar, a rabid leftist but also someone who seems to have more common sense than your average liberal, had Schiff on his show (because of course Schiff is on TV again) to discuss the issue of collusion and the President.

It didn’t go well (clip is 43 seconds long).

You can hear the disappointment in Mahar’s voice as he bemoans the fact that Mueller didn’t have the goods but the real highlight is him making the very astute observation that Schiff’s current crusade just looks like petty stalking at this point.

“But this was our big gun…Now it just looks like you’re stalking him…”

The look on Schiff’s face is priceless. He even twitches a bit and is obviously taken aback that a supposed ally would call him on his nonsense.


Schiff is a small man. All bark but no bite. He thinks he’s making a name for himself by continuing his delusion but it’s ultimately going nowhere. The Trump administration is stonewalling his investigation, as it should, with every legal method they have. The idea that Robert Mueller couldn’t deliver the goods on Trump but Adam Schiff will was always a silly notion anyway. What House Democrats are doing is simply wasting time and money. This is not Benghazi where the only investigation was done in the House. We’ve now had an entire special counsel render a verdict on this and the verdict is that Adam Schiff was full of it.

The fact that the networks and cable news shows continue to have him on to spew his propaganda is a further indictment of their lack of credibility.


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