Chuck Todd Makes One of the Dumber Comments on the Mueller Report You'll See Today

This may be the least informed and self-aware hot take on the Mueller report so far. Congrats to Chuck Todd for making it.

Earlier today, he posted this tweet.


Oh, I don’t know Chuck. Maybe because you, your network, and the media at large spent two years pushing wild conspiracy theories about Trump colluding with the Russians. Perhaps that’s why no one had time to focus on being concerned that the Russians “hacked the election.”

There’s also the fact that no one actually “hacked the election.” Chuck Todd knows this but he’s a liberal partisan and threw that line in there on purpose, knowing it’s like catnip to his side of the aisle. In reality, no vote totals were changes, no machines were hacked, and nothing done by the Russians could even be logically construed to have changed the outcome of the election. A few hundred thousand dollars spent on Facebook to spread memes of…Jesus arm wrestling Hillary…did not change one vote. The only other aspect of this was the DNC hack and Hillary’s numbers went up after that because the media largely brushed it aside as a nothing-burger. Even still, John Podesta’s emails are not hacking “the election.”


What the Russians tried to do and what they actually did are too different things. Hillary had no one to blame but herself. If she hadn’t illegally setup a private email server and stocked it with classified information, there would have been no Comey letter in October. The Russians didn’t do that. Todd knows this but he’s a political actor, not a journalist, so he must push the Democratic narrative that the election was stolen.

But look, if Todd really felt the above was so crucial, he could have spent a little less time bloviating about crazy Trump/Russia conspiracies and a little more time on the separate issue of Russian interference. No one made him waste all his time on an obvious hoax. That’s on him, despite his lack of self-awareness.


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