AOC Mocked Mike Lee but He's Right About the Importance of Families

Admittedly, the picture above is pretty funny, but that was the point. Mike Lee was making fun of how insanely unrealistic and laughable the “Green New Deal” actually is.


“This isn’t going to pass — not today, not any time soon certainly. Rather, after reading the Green New Deal, I’m mostly afraid of not being able to get through this speech with a straight face,” he said on the floor. “For, Mr. President, I rise today to consider the Green New Deal with the seriousness it deserves.”

He was proven right when not a single Democrat would even bother to vote yes on it yesterday. They’ll claim it was because it was a “show vote,” but the reality is that you vote for things you want to see advanced in the public conscience (and ultimately into law). Can you imagine people who supported the Civil Rights Act voting present in the event the bill wasn’t going to pass? That shows just how serious the Green New Deal actually is. We’ve been told the world is going to end in the near future. You’d think they’d be more apt for action, even if just to raise awareness. I guess not.

As RedState writer Jennifer Van Laar covered yesterday, this all went right over her head and she quickly fired back on Twitter.


What a burn, am I right? 134,000 likes for trying to call Mike Lee stupid. Keep in mind, Mike Lee is objectively brilliant, as Jennifer aptly points out in her original post.

First, he’s not “Senator.” He’s “a” Senator. His professional accomplishments as an attorney are well-known; Lee clerked for Justice Samuel Alito both at the Third Circuit Court of Appeals and at the Supreme Court, and was an Assistant U.S. Attorney in the Tenth Circuit. Lee also specialized in constitutional law and appellate litigation in private practice, and is highly respected in that community.

This, of course, compared to a bartender who’s never accomplished anything and whose chief policy position sounds it was scribbled down as part of an 8th-grade essay.

Here’s the thing though. Mike Lee’s quote about families and children that AOC found so mock-worthy was exactly correct. 

Family forms the basis of a healthy society. Every major issue in the world we have ever solved has been solved by the collective minds of human beings and the more healthy a society is, the more apt problems are to be solved. If you truly believe climate change is a coming Armageddon, then you want all the bright minds you can working on technological solutions.

This isn’t just my opinion. It’s objective fact that solid family structures create more wealth, less poverty, result in less criminal activity, and increase educational outcomes. What that means is that the solution to climate change (if you think it’s world ending and must be “solved” now) is not to stop having kids and keep brushing aside the importance of families. It’s to encourage marriage and family building because they will lead to a healthy society and future generations who become educated, problem-solving adults.


This kind of nuance seems to always escape liberals. This is why they embrace technological stagnation and systems that kill innovation like socialism. Although America’s social fabric and our free markets have proven time and again to produce results that can overcome the world’s gravest issues, they still seek to destroy them.

Take international poverty, for example. In 1981, 41% of the world lived in extreme poverty. By 2013, that number was just 10.7% and continues to fall. These are the results of capitalism and capitalism exists in its most effective form within a society that values moral and familial structures. The more a society lends itself to chaos and moral relativism, the more it falls under its own weight. You aren’t going to “solve climate change” in such an environment.

This is not to disparage those who’ve had real issues with marriage, bad family situations, etc. because those things do exist. It’s simply a general principle that marriage and family growth are connected to societal health.

While AOC thought she was dunking on Mike Lee, her retort only further underscores her inability to think critically past the programmed talking points she’s got in her head.

AOC may be insufferable but she’s a gift to Republicans and conservatives. The more she talks, the more she exposes the sheer insanity that has overtaken the Democratic Party. In retrospect, perhaps she has accomplished something after all.


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