Adam Schiff Decides Mueller Doesn't Matter, Hires MSNBC Hack to Investigate "Collusion"

Remember when the Mueller investigation was going to be the final word? Democrats of all stripes assured us that if we just let Robert Mueller “do his job,” being the glorious pillar of our Republic that he is, he would get to the bottom of everything. Only he could bring a conclusion to questions of Trump/Russian “collusion,” we were told. Furthermore, we were assured that his findings would be accepted with full submission.

Good times.

When Democrats thought Mueller would deliver the goods on Trump, he was infallible. Now that it’s becoming more likely that he doesn’t, and that his report will be anti-climatic on the collusion front, the #resistance have begun to move the goal posts. That lead to such absurd tweets as this one.

Got that? It’s not the thousands of hours spent by CNN, NBC, MSNBC, et al and the Democrats at large pushing the idea of nefarious collusion for over two years that made collusion a centerpiece of the issue. No, it was (checks notes)…Donald Trump. You can’t make this stuff up.

Rest easy though, they aren’t giving up on the collusion front, although they are shifting heavily toward “obstruction,” which has also proven to be a ridiculous dead end since the start of the Mueller probe.

Enter CNN’s favorite leaker and live in roommate, Rep. Adam Schiff, to keep the collusion train rolling with his House committee.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, ramping up his panel’s probe into Russian entanglements with President Trump’s administration, has hired as senior adviser a veteran federal prosecutor who of late has been a legal analyst on MSNBC.

Schiff, a California Democrat, tasked Dan Goldman with leading the committee’s investigative operations as it investigates collusion allegations between the Trump campaign and agents of the Russian government, and related matters. Goldman spent a decade as an assistant U.S. attorney in the Southern District of New York and has built a reputation for aggressively pursuing criminal Russian actors.

While Goldman’s resume is not in doubt as a prosecutor, no one should be under any allusions that he’s a fair actor. This is the same guy who felt the need to “apologize for all men” because Sen. Lindsey Graham had the audacity to think Brett Kavanaugh wasn’t guilty.

I need to apologize for all men for what you just heard,” he pronounced grandiosely. “It is shameful the way that [Graham] disdainfully dismisses what she emotionally and emphatically just said.”

Goldman is a hack, plain and simple. His time at MSNBC provided ample evidence of that. He’s not going into any investigation with an open mind, nor with a fair process. As we’ve recently heard from Rep. Schiff and Rep. Nadler, they’ve already pronounced the President guilty before the first drop of evidence has surfaced. The point of this newest investigation is to simply muddy the waters enough to convince the public that the President should be impeached.

The Federalist writer Mollie Hemingway first reported these plans via a conversation she heard Rep. Nadler having on an Amtrak train.

Impeachment is coming but it’s going to start with numerous, sham “oversight” investigations laying the groundwork.

Democrats are saying in no uncertain terms that Robert Mueller’s once untouchable conclusions will not matter. The end game remains the same and that is to get rid of Donald Trump and have this circus continue through the election to politically damage him. It’s a dangerous, disgusting affront to our governmental system that these games are being allowed to continue. The White House now has to fight back. They should refuse to cooperate, full stop. They should exert executive privilege over every document they can. Finally, they should go on the offensive to show just how insane the Democratic Party has become.

For years we were warned by the media that it’s dangerous to not accept the results of an election. That narrative has disappeared because it turned out it is the Democrats who can’t seem to accept that Donald Trump is President. The hypocrisy is stunning. More importantly, this insanity is hurting the country and our ability to function. Republicans mostly sat back and took the Mueller investigation on the chin, taking Democrats (and the media) at their word that it would be the final word. They were lied to and they shouldn’t sit back this time. It’s time to fight back in whatever way they can.

Byron York, of the Washington Examiner, sums the idiocy of this up perfectly.

The idea that Robert Mueller, with unlimited resources over two years couldn’t find collusion, but that Adam Schiff and some MSNBC flack will get it done is simply nuts. It’s partisanship at it’s worst. I’ve seen some liberals proclaim “but Benghazi!!!” in response to criticisms of these new investigations. There’s no comparison. Benghazi was investigated once by former Rep. Trey Gowdy’s committee in a fair and upfront way. Witnesses were respected and conspiracy theories were not indulged, often to the disappointment of other Republicans. Once the conclusions were reached, the issue was closed as an official matter.

Republicans did not scoff at a special counsel’s conclusions (namely because there wasn’t one) and then open numerous, redundant investigations because they didn’t like the outcome of the first investigation. That’s what is happening here and it needs to stop.


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