In Shocking, Unforeseeable Twist...Democrats and Media Move the Goalposts on Border Separations in Record Time

Guatemalan immigrant Amariliz Ortiz joins families impacted by the immigration raids during a rally calling on the Obama Administration to protect Central American women and children seeking refuge in the United States. (AP Photo / Nick Ut)

Who could of possibly seen this coming?

President Trump signed an EO today that essentially allows families to be detained together in order to stop the issue of separating children from parents. This, we were assured, was the primary concern of the most virtuous among us who have driven a news cycle of hysteria the last month.


Furthermore, this was a situation so dire they said, so terrible, that the President needed to simply ignore the law and stop separations on his own

So what happens when he actually does what they want?

Wait, I thought there was no legal reason for Trump to be separating families at the border and it was wholly his fault? Odd.

You can expect the media, the same media who told us family separations were THE issue, to now champion legal challenges to the President’s EO that keeps families together…because of course they will.


There’s the mask slipping. This was always about catch and release being forced to return, not concern for kids spending 20 days in well equipped HHS shelters before going to live with family members in the interior.

Surprised? Of course you aren’t. If you had under 12 on the total number of hours it’d take for the Democrats and media figures to decide that ending family separations isn’t a good thing, collect your winnings at the window.


This should be a lesson to some conservatives who let themselves become pawns in this battle. I think most of their concerns were sincere but you can challenge a policy logically and with real solutions without playing into the hyperbole of the Democrat/media alliance.

Anyone that thought this was all good faith outrage from the left was kidding themselves. I’ll leave you with this nugget of truth from RedState writer Brandon Morse…



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