Mellon's Millions: Billionaire Drops $50M on Trump Campaign the Day After He Was Convicted in NY Trial

Money, money, money. (Credit: Blogging Guide/Unsplash)

Donald Trump must have been none too pleased when he was convicted in a Manhattan courtroom in late May on 34 politically motivated counts of business fraud, but he got some good news the following day when billionaire Timothy Mellon donated $50 million to the pro-Trump super PAC Make America Great Again Inc. (Note: Some outlets are reporting that it was the same day as the conviction, but the majority claim that it was the day after.)


Mellon’s millions, revealed in recent election filings, helped Trump outraise Biden for the month of May, making it two months in a row that the former president has bested the incumbent. As RedState's Nick Arama reported, that puts Trump firmly in the lead in the overall fundraising race.

The massive contribution is a big reason why:

Mellon’s donation is now the largest individual contribution of the 2024 election season and the conservative billionaire is the first to disclose more than $100 million in overall campaign contributions this year.

Mellon’s donation made up a lion’s share of the $68.8 billion raised by MAGA Inc. in May—and a major boost for the super PAC, which already had $34.4 million on hand at the end of April.

The massive contribution from Mellon led a bumper fundraising month for the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee, as they received $141 million compared to the $85 million raised by the Biden campaign and the Democratic National Committee.



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Mellon has given big bucks before, donating at least $25 million to RFK Jr.’s campaign, including $5 million in April. He’s certainly got the money:


According to our estimates, the Mellon family’s net worth is $14.1 billion. The Mellons are the heir of one of the oldest-continuing fortunes in American history that dates back to 1841. Timothy’s predecessors built their fortunes through investments in real estate, banking, venture capital and oil.

The Trump team is wasting no time putting the cash to use and immediately made plans for an advertising blitz.

The donation’s impact on the 2024 race is expected to be felt almost immediately. Within days of the contribution, the pro-Trump super PAC, Make America Great Again Inc., said in a memo that it would begin reserving $100 million in advertising through Labor Day.

Naturally, Democrats went on the offensive over the news, saying that the “reclusive” billionaire was showing split loyalties by donating so much to two candidates and noting that Mellon comes from old money. Here’s former Clinton labor secretary and committed leftist, Robert Reich, arguing that success shouldn’t be rewarded in America and the government should have taken the Mellon family’s money long ago:


Meanwhile, Biden’s biggest donor so far is billionaire businessman and former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who recently donated $20 million to support the president’s reelection campaign. But for now, at least, the former president has the advantage as the race heats up and we get ready for the first presidential debate on June 27. Buckle up.



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