Hunter Biden, The Movie—'Gauzy' Documentary May Be Coming Soon to Theaters Near You

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back to theaters, news comes that Hunter Biden’s “sugar brother,” Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris, is backing a gauzy documentary hoping to soften the image of troubled First Son Hunter Biden.


Morris has been very, very good to Hunter in the past, as we’ve reported.

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The docu would show a different side of Hunter Biden, not the one whose "laptop from hell" became infamous because it held extensive pornography and details of questionable overseas business transactions. No, this would be the nice side of Hunter

 While the first son’s life as viewed through his now-infamous laptop resembles a Quentin Tarantino film — with plenty of not-so-tasteful nudity — the untitled Morris project would show a more gentle Hunter “painting, selling his art, raising his son, and navigating everyday life as a sober adult with ongoing criminal investigations and in the crosshairs of [former President Donald] Trump and his supporters,” the Los Angeles Times credulously reported this week.

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley wasn't so sure the effort would work:


Turns out, a camera crew has been following the First Son for years, and was even spotted when Hunter openly defied a congressional subpoena in December 2023.

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It's unclear how the filmmakers will frame breaking the law as warm and fuzzy. 

There is no release date yet for the flick or whether it will go straight to streaming services or to theaters. It's also unclear who the intended audience will be, as I can think of nothing more uninteresting than watching Hunter paint or chase around his young son. I do wonder, though, whether his daughter, Navy Joan Roberts, will be featured. I doubt it, since Joe and Jill Biden refused to acknowledge her for years and Hunter fought hard to get his child support payments lowered despite raking in millions from dubious foreign deals.

Morris has become the subject of much speculation due to his tight friendship with Hunter. But who is he?

Morris has assumed several roles in Biden’s life, foremost as his lawyer, but also his friend, confidant and bankroller. He has lent millions of dollars to Biden to cover his tax debts, housing and legal fees. He has also helped build a community of people around Biden who support him in his sobriety. And he welcomed, even enveloped, Biden with his own family, particularly Morris’ brothers and late mother.


Like Hunter, Morris suffered from addiction, which contributed to their bond. He also floated myriad conspiracy theories about Hunter's laptop and did everything he could to disprove its legitimacy, which certainly makes you question his credibility. 

I never would have thought Hunter Biden's paintings would sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars, so I'm not going to predict this film will be a box office bomb just yet. That being said, I just can't imagine anyone shelling out their hard-earned cash to see it.

My vote for the movie's title is "The Hunter Games," but feel free to post your suggestions in the comments.


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