Shock Video: Hamas Terrorist Celebrates Point-Blank Shooting of Israeli Soldier, Then IDF Takes Him Out

AP Photo/Adel Hana

Israel Defense Forces supplied CNN with newly-released footage that shows the chaos and tragedy unleashed by Hamas gunmen on the morning of the October 7 terror attacks against Israel. In one clip, a Hamas killer celebrates the point-blank murder of an Israeli soldier—but his party ended soon after as an IDF bullet took him out.


The footage was taken with a GoPro by a Hamas fighter himself and was obtained after he was "neutralized." Video also shows footage taken from within their 300-mile tunnel network under Gaza, which they use to hide from IDF, store munitions, and keep hostages captive. "What's hidden is far worse," says the writing on the wall in Arabic.

The video starts with a group of fighters crossing the border:

Above ground, the video follows a 24-year-old member of Hamas joining a group of men in pickup trucks and motorbikes as they breach the border between Gaza and Israel while shouting, “Allahu Akbar.”

The terrorists could be seen outfitted with rifles and scores of ammunition, with some carrying multiple rocket-propelled grenades sticking out of backpacks flung around their shoulders.

The men appear less than coordinated as they drive around Israel before reaching a field near the town of Kissufim, where they begin a shootout with an IDF soldier.

The soldier is apparently injured in the gunfight, and when they find him on the ground, they cold-bloodedly execute him:

Spotting the Israeli soldier on the ground, the gunman fires multiple times at point blank range, killing the Jewish soldier.

The gunman proceeds to steal the soldier’s Tavor rifle and celebrates the kill, posing for a selfie with his bodycam as the other terrorists join in and cheer him on.


Justice was swift for the murderer, however. The group next went to a military base and came under IDF fire:

The Hamas unit’s celebration continues as they pass the bodies of Israelis sprawled across a street.

With the roads cleared for them by the first wave of Hamas, the group carries on to Kibbutz Re’im, where the gunman exits his vehicle to fire at an IDF soldier at a distance.

The gunman with the body camera shoots from outside the military base in the kibbutz before he pauses for a second.

At that moment, someone from the base fires back, hitting the gunman, who yells as he rolls on the ground.

The 24-year-old screams in shock and pain before his breathing starts slowing down and he ultimately dies, putting an end to his role in the terror attack.


If you want to skip the CNN reporters attempting to minimize Hamas' use of the Al-Shifa Hospital as a base of operations, go to the 3:22 mark to watch the terrorist's GoPro video. Warning: disturbing content.

The video is hard to watch but is yet another reminder of the depraved mindset of Hamas. In this and other videos that we've seen, they seem to take glee in inhuman acts and joy in carnage. I'd like to think that, had I been a soldier in WWII, I would have taken out a Nazi soldier during fighting. And although I might be proud to protect my country and take an opponent off the battlefield, I don't think I'd be joyous and laughing about taking another human's life, especially if that human wasn't actively involved in combat and had no idea what was coming.


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