Social Media Erupts As Israel Publishes, Mysteriously Deletes, and Then Republishes Hospital Tour Video

AP Photo/Ohad Zwigenberg

Israel Defense Force commandos seized the Hamas headquarters facility beneath the sprawling Al-Shifa Hospital facility Wednesday. This followed a demand for surrender and the opportunity for patients and civilians to depart the area; see BREAKING. Israeli Special Forces Storm Al-Shifa Hospital.


The attack that was billed by numerous pro-terrorist social media accounts as a prelude to slaughter was remarkably bloodless. According to media reports, about 100 Israeli special forces troops supported by six tanks entered the complex overnight. As the buildings were methodically searched, all military-aged men, except medical staff, were ordered into the hospital courtyard. The assault force was not resisted inside the hospital, but they killed several Hamas terrorists while entering. This is most likely the result of Israel avoiding civilian casualties by announcing the impending assault.

One of the objectives of the attack was to liberate Israeli hostages taken by the terrorists who were believed to be in the compound. No hostages were found. A statement by the IDF described the results this way.

An operational command centre, weapons, and technological assets found in the MRI building of the Shifa Hospital in Gaza City; IDF troops are continuing the precise and targeted operation against the Hamas terrorist organization in the Shifa Hospital

After the raid, IDF spokesman Jonathan Conricus conducted a seven-minute tour of the building housing MRI equipment, and the video was released without editing the length but suppressing some details. For instance, the laptop screen at 8:36 is blurred. Keep in mind this is one building and not one of the most important buildings on the compound.


If you aren't in the mood to watch the video, this thread gives key images.

The first response from pro-terrorist accounts used a script that ran approximately like this:

Just to be clear, the video and statement concerned precisely one building. It's probably safe to say that no hostages were released, but to claim there were no tunnels is ludicrous. Only hours earlier, similar terrorist-simp accounts were dismissing the significance of finding tunnels because some had been built when Israel built the hospital. There are either tunnels under the hospital that were built in 1983 or not. You can't condemn Israel for building tunnels and then crow when no tunnels are reported.


Nothing in Israel's hunt for Hamas murderers has been without melodrama. There is no reason this should be different. Not long after the video was released, it was deleted from official Israeli "X" accounts.

And then it was undeleted.

The video doesn't appear to be any different from the original.


What to make of this? There is always the possibility that the video didn't deliver the "bang" the Netanyahu government had hoped for, as insinuated in one of the above tweets. In my view, that is wishcasting by terror simps. The deletion drew a lot of attention to the video, where leaving it live would do less damage than taking it down and then re-publishing it. There is a reason for the video kerfuffle; the story will come out in time, but the likelihood that it was dropped because it was politically disappointing when it wasn't of the known Hamas strongholds doesn't make much sense.



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