It's Official: CA Legislature Passes Draconian 'Gender-Affirming' Bill 957, Heads to Newsom's Desk

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As we’ve been reporting, a radical bill that would require parents to “affirm” the gender identity of their child has been moving its way through the California legislature, and on Friday, the Assembly agreed to some state procedural Senate amendments, meaning that the measure has officially passed and will now be headed to Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk. 


The divisive governor, who has made gender identity and a war on parents key parts of his platform, is almost certain to sign it. The only thing that might give him pause is that this law may not play so favorably to the rest of the country as it does to many of the extremists in the Golden State. This could potentially complicate any presidential ambitions Hair Gel may have down the road.

Here's the text of the tweet in full:

BREAKING: California's Assembly just approved the anti-parent custody bill AB 957—co-authored by childless LGBTQIA+ creep Scott Weiner—which requires judges to give preferential treatment to parents in custody battles who affirm a child's "gender identity" or "gender expression."  That's right, if you are a parent in California that has traditional values or simply believes boys are boys and girls are girls, you might lose custody of your kids. The bill already passed the California Senate and will now head to Governor Gavin Newsom's desk to be signed into law. California is the Democrat model for the rest of America: One-party rule, extreme wealth stratification, millions of illegals, mass exodus of the middle-class, crime, open air drug use, high taxes, and all it marked by a woke assault on science, biology, and God-ordained parental rights.


As I’ve written in previous coverage:

The law could potentially make you guilty of child abuse if you refuse to call your son “Jane” and buy him dresses. Authorities could take your kid away if you don’t bend the knee:

California courts would be given complete authority under Section 3011 of California’s Family Code to remove a child from his or her parents’ home if parents disapprove of LGBTQ+ ideology.

By changing the definition of what constitutes the “health, safety, and welfare of [a] child,” schools, churches, hospitals, and other organizations interacting with children would be required to affirm “gender transitions” in minors by default—or risk charges of child abuse.

Here’s the author of the bill, California State Rep. Lori Wilson, speaking earlier this year:

Parents affirm their children. Typically it happens when their gender identity matches their biological gender. But when it doesn't, the affirmation starts to wane... Our duty as parents is to affirm our children.


Parents affirm their children when they believe they are on the right path. But now, if a child decides to change identity, and a parent has concerns, they must muzzle those worries and simply unquestionably “affirm” the child’s choice? A choice that could potentially lead to extreme life-altering surgeries, puberty blockers, and more? This isn't just about calling "John" "Jane"; it goes much further than that. Madness.

Radical state Senator Scott Wiener is the one who advocated for the amendment that says:

This bill, for purposes of this provision, would include a parent’s affirmation of the child’s gender identity as part of the health, safety, and welfare of the child.

California has been waging a war on parents, threatening and suing districts like the Chino Valley Unified School District for attempting to enact a policy that would require a school to notify parents if their child changed their "gender identity." Newsom and Attorney General Rob Bonta have also been aggressive in forcing undesired sexually-oriented curricula onto school boards that don't believe little children should be learning about that stuff.


As I wrote Wednesday, "The message that the single party that rules California keeps sending out is, 'Parents, we hate you.'" I would add that their other message is, "California parents, your children are not yours—they are ours."



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