18-Year-Old Transgender Athlete Exposes Himself to Freshman Girls in Locker Room

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The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) wants answers from Sun Prairie Area School District (SPASD) after an 18-year-old transgender athlete exposed himself to four 14-year-old girls in the shower area of the girls’ locker room following a physical education class.


The Institute describes what happened in a letter sent to the District:

The girls entered the shower area with their swimsuits on, which was their common practice as they rinsed off. As they began to shower, the male student approached them, entered the shower area, announced “I’m trans, by the way,” and then undressed fully and showered completely naked right next to one of the girls. He was initially turned towards the wall but eventually turned and fully exposed his male genitalia to the four girls. Understandably, the girls were caught off guard and shocked, closed their eyes, and tried to hurry up and leave the showers as quickly as possible.

WILL alleges that the District violated Title IX requirements:

Under federal law, the incident should have been reported to the Title IX coordinator, who should have then contacted the girls, offered supportive measures, and provided them an opportunity to file a complaint. Supportive measures might have included accommodations to maintain their access to education and adequate privacy in the locker room at least while a Title IX investigation was pending. No one from the District contacted any of the girls’ parents at that time, and no one investigated. To be clear, that means that the District’s initial response to this incident violated Title IX.


The letter details how the school failed to respond adequately to the girls’ complaints, basically ignoring the situation until they were forced to confront it by angry parents. “Assistant Principal Walter later admitted during a meeting with parents that she should have ‘dug deeper’ at that time,” the letter asserts.

The school district was contacted by Fox News Digital and their response was extremely defensive:

An attorney who represents the SPASD told Fox News Digital that the district had read the letter from WILL and claimed that the letter “provides neither an accurate nor complete account of the events that occurred.”

“Further, the incident that is the subject of WILL’s letter is a confidential, pupil matter, and the District is prohibited by law including the Wisconsin pupil records statute, Wis. Stat. 118.125, from disclosing any information about specific pupils in the District. The District has addressed the events that are the subject of WILL’s letter in a manner that should prevent any similar incident from recurring in the future. Further, the District has shared additional information with the parents involved.”

“The District cannot answer your question of why the parents allegedly claim that District’s actions have been inadequate, and frankly we are not certain that statement is accurate. The District has shared as much information as it can with the involved parents without violating student confidentiality laws, and the District has offered to schedule additional meetings with those parents to address any remaining concerns.”


Sounds like a lot of legal mumbo jumbo saying, “We don’t care, and we’re not going to do anything about it, so please go away.”

We’re likely to see more incidents like this as the push to erase women and girls continues.

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