If the Left Loves Women So Much, Why Is It Trying to Erase Them?

One thing I’ve been saying for years now is that the left doesn’t just hate men. Yes, it targets men as the worst thing on the planet, creates a shadowy villain that controls everything under the term “the patriarchy,” and creates fun hashtags like “#killallmen,” but if there’s one thing I’ve learned after years of fighting the social justice movement, it’s that they hate women just as much, if not more than they do men.

With men, the left sees them as a clear enemy and will openly treat them with extreme prejudice. With women, the left uses them as mere tools. They’re useful at best. They’re lied to, convinced to depart from what makes them naturally happy, and encouraged to distance themselves from their femininity. The moment they step out of line, the left comes down on them with some of the most vicious attacks you’ll ever see, with feminists being the most egregious offenders.

Intersectional feminism has been the all-time worst thing for women as it’s the concept that opened the door for their complete and total erasure from mainstream society. First, it began with the demand that people who identify as women should be addressed as such regardless of the fact that they’re actually male. Feminists from the mainstream media to Twitter applauded this idea. It was the open-minded and progressive thing to do according to them.

Naturally, many western women glommed onto this, thinking that they were doing what a good feminist should do. However, things instantly went downhill from there.

The next thing women knew, their bathrooms were being invaded by men. Then they were being dominated in the sports they played by men. Awards meant for women were being handed to men. All the while, these women who were being robbed were forced to applaud and smile, knowing that if they spoke up they’d be targeted, ostracized, and made into a social pariah.

The hard-left wasn’t even done yet. On Thursday a video began circulating around featuring Cori Bush shrugging off women in order to refer to them as “birthing people.”

That’s right. Women are being bumped out even when it comes to the very thing only they can do.

Now, correct if I’m wrong (I’m not) but for decades, it was the left that claimed it was the party of women. It was the ideological center for women’s rights. It was the side that hosted the “Women’s March” and held “Slut Walks” and created a myriad of groups that focused on the well-being and elevation of women in the western world.

Yet, here now is the left not just minimizing women, but completely shoving them out of their spaces and dismissing them as the body through which life itself comes into being.

Again, the left never really cared about women. They only cared about how they could use women to get power and push their agenda. They’ll continue to call themselves the party of women as they completely unperson the entire gender in the name of acceptance and equality. To be sure, there’s nothing equal about the transgender movement. You can ask the women constantly being beat by men in sports, or how the trans movement itself is continuously trying to make itself into a greater sacred cow so that it can’t be argued with.

But perhaps this is a good thing for our society overall. I always said that the only way feminism will be defeated is if women rise up and defeat it. They need to seize their femininity and drive out these imposters who pretend to be for women but are really just there to inject a radical agenda using women as the horse to drive their buggy. With more and more women being shoved into the shadows, it may finally be the spark that lights the fire that burns feminism to the ground.

Women should rise up and take back their place, and not let themselves be shoved aside in the name of “progress.”


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