Stephen Colbert Actually Mocks Biden in a Departure From His Usual DNC Talking Points

Stephen Colbert mocks Joe Biden on The Late Show. (Credit: Fox News)

“The Late Show” host Stephen Colbert is usually a walking, talking advertisement for the DNC, and rarely is he funny. On Monday, however, he took the highly unusual step of mocking President Joe Biden and his mumbling bumbling Easter pronouncement that he is planning on running for re-election in 2024. If you don’t remember Joe’s awkward declaration that he could lay eggs, here it is:


“I’ll either be rolling an egg or end up being the guy who’s pushing ’em out,” Biden said when asked how many more Easter Egg Rolls he would oversee as President of the United States.

I guess this one was so silly that even Colbert couldn’t pass up on satirizing the moment. Here he is donning aviators and portraying the 46th president:

This riff was almost approaching funny for the host, who now routinely gets beaten in the ratings by Fox News’s Greg Gutfeld. “Joe can lay eggs!” he laughed.

That’s right, Jack! I got big Easter news: Joe Biden can lay eggs. Easy as pie. No, I push ’em right out the cloaca, ok? Serve ’em up scrambled, or sit on ’em for a while, raise a beautiful flock of little baby Joes, “peep, peep, peep.”

Point is, I am mentally fit to once again run for President of the United States. What’s goin’ on? Where’s Jill? Marco! Jill-o!


The reason that it’s so odd to see Colbert making fun of the president is that usually the alleged funnyman spends much of his show deriding Republicans, and rarely points out the foibles of Democrats. Here he is earlier this month celebrating former President Donald Trump’s indictment on charges from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg that even the Donald’s detractors say are political:

I mean, even if you don’t like Trump, is it really appropriate to celebrate his indictment? Especially when there is widespread agreement that it throws out many of our long-standing legal norms and traditions? I (really) do not like Joe Biden as a president, but I would certainly not jump for joy and pop the champagne if he were charged with such silly “crimes.” (Now if the authorities got him on his dirty international business dealings with his son Hunter, that would be a different matter. If he did indeed illegally profit off his vice presidency, that would be an actual crime.)


I don’t imagine I’ll be tuning into Colbert on a nightly basis, as it’s likely this is a one-and-done and he’ll go back to his Democrat party talking points, ignoring Vice President Kamala Harris’ word salads, and remaining as unfunny as his late-night competitor Jimmy Kimmel.

Still, it was nice for a brief moment to see someone on the other side acknowledge Biden’s apparent mental decline and actually do something called… comedy.

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