Is Document-Gate a Democrat Effort to Kneecap Biden's Re-Election Plans?

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As we’ve reported, classified documents keep popping up in President Joe Biden’s think tank, his garage, and now the “personal library” at his residence… and suddenly the president is in potentially big trouble, both legally and politically.


Thursday afternoon Attorney General Merrick Garland announced the appointment of Robert Hur as special prosecutor to investigate the case. If the most partisan and hyper-political attorney general ever is forced to investigate his own boss, you know things are serious.

But notice the timing of the revelations. The Biden Administration has known about some of the documents since at least before the November elections, but the public is just finding out now. Conspiracy theories are flying around the internet, with both the harpies at The View and intellectual midgets like Rep. Hank Johnson, D-Ga (he who once thought Guam might tip over due to over-population) opining that the documents must have been planted. Honest Joe would never, ever be like Trump and get careless with years-old secret docs concerning Ukraine and Russia!

A more interesting theory hitting social media, however, is that this is an orchestrated Democrat plan to get rid of Old Joe and prevent him from running for reelection in 2024. Even Dems can see that he is a diminished president, with his barely comprehensible speeches and dreadful approval ratings. They managed to scrape by better than expected in the midterms, but they’re terrified Biden could get handily tossed out of office should he choose to run again.

Another run at the top job is just what it has been rumored that he was going to announce in the near future after spending a luxe vacation on the island of St. Croix with his family to mull over his options. All indications were that the green light was given.


Document-gate changes all that:

But who benefits with Biden out of the way? Top candidates and media favorites include Vice President Kamala Harris, Transportation Secretary Mayor Pete (President Buttigieg? Sorry, I need I moment to stop laughing), and who knows, maybe Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders will try to get the band back together.

With candidates like these, however, I would think the Dems would actually be better off sticking with the mushy-mouthed Biden. How about California Governor Gavin Newsom? He’s a terrible governor, but he’s telegenic and croaks out just enough gooey unintelligible sentences that the press worships him. This tweeter thinks Gov. Hair Gel is the culprit:

Another big winner would be Team Obama. All they wanted was for Biden to beat Donald Trump, then put back on his invisibility cloak and go back to hiding in his basement, leaving White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain and other Obama acolytes to actually run the country. Joe was supposed to just not screw things up and then sail off into the sunset after one term. Nobody actually liked the gaffe-prone former vice-president—he was just the only one left standing after candidates like Kamala Harris, Buttigieg, and other non-starters flamed out.


Garland’s DOJ has so blatantly played a one-sided version of justice—meaning, use every power of the state to go after Republicans, but simply ignore any malfeasance by Democrats—that it’s hard to envision him not just burying this investigation or letting it drag on till after the election.

But maybe, just maybe, this scandal will assure the one outcome that both Democrats and Republicans would be pleased to see: Joe Biden stepping down in 2024.


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