Third Find of Biden Classified Documents Shows How Bad the Problem Is


It’s starting to get hard to keep up with all the classified documents that Joe Biden has left strewn all over the place.

I wanted to clarify the alleged timing of the various finds.


As we have already reported there was the cache that was found at the Penn Biden Center, locked in a closet by the personal attorney who just happened to be clearing out Biden’s old office.

Then there was a second set that we reported on earlier, which was found in his garage, near his Corvette. That’s the one that Biden commented on and said they were safe because they were kept in the locked garage near his Corvette. He got decimated by George Washington law school professor Jonathan Turley, who mocked his claim of a “Corvette Standard,” noting that wasn’t a viable excuse. A campaign video also showed how insecure that garage truly looked. That second set was supposedly found on December 20.

Now, we mentioned another document found in the Biden residence in Wilmington. That’s a “third find” — that wasn’t found on December 20. That supposedly was just found, and the DOJ was just notified about it, on Jan. 12.


So now, not only did they cover up the November find before the election, but when they first told us about that on Monday, they didn’t even mention the second set of documents found in the garage, which they already knew about. On top of this, Attorney General Merrick Garland said he had appointed a U.S. Attorney to look into this on Nov. 10. So, why weren’t we told about that back in November?

This is a festival of lying and cover-up, imploding right in front of us.

Prof. Turley raises a great point at this juncture, given what a mess this is: why are Biden’s private attorneys still allowed to root through everything?

Shouldn’t there be the FBI at their side at this point, to make sure that things aren’t being destroyed/covered up?


Turley also notes that not only were they kept in unsecured locations, but they have probably moved around to more than one place.

Not to mention, all the people who may have had access to them in the house, the garage, and at the Penn Biden Center, and wherever else the documents may have been since Biden wrongly removed them years ago. We’re also saying “six years” since he left being vice president. But these documents may not have been removed at the end of his time as VP; they could have been taken over all the time he was in office as VP. So, it could have been longer than six years.

Talk about a mess.


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