CNN Ratings Are in the Basement So Now They're Going to Do Something to Make It Even Worse

AP Photo/Ron Harris

We have to hand it to CNN.

With their ratings in the basement, you might think that they would re-evaluate what they’re doing and change what they’re doing wrong. Of course, that would require some self-reflection and not being completely in the tank for the Democrats. They could go back to what they used to be once upon a time, long ago — something of an objective news network. Then people might actually watch them again.


But instead of that, instead of actually being a real news service that people might want to watch, they’ve come up with a new gimmick. Except the problem is, it’s just more of the same old gimmick. They’re going to debut their own subscription streaming service called “CNN+” next year.

“Much anticipated?” Anticipated by whom? Can we report this tweet for misinformation? Twitter Support, hello?

From The Hill:

To start, the platform will carry 8-12 hours of live, daily programming offering what the company said would be “topical deep dives and lifestyle content from some of CNN’s most prominent talent, as well as several new faces,” that will “live alongside a thriving community component for fans to connect directly with anchors and experts in real time conversations about the issues that matter most to them.”


So they’re investing a ton of time, money, and resources to have…more of the same thing that people are already not going for on regular cable? And they’re going to demand more money for it, too? Oh, this is going to end well. Which is to say, it’s going to completely tank the network and that will be good for the world. It’s sort of hilarious how Brian Stelter pitches it as somehow new and revolutionary. They can’t even come up with a new or particularly attractive name: CNN+? They’re going to make you pay extra to hear the same things repeated over and over again on a streaming service?

They’ll have Jim Acosta preening and looking at himself in a mirror, Brian Stelter lying incessantly about Fox and insisting he’s not a potato, Chris Cuomo trading nasal swab stories with his brother while Andrew is being investigated for sexual harassment. And we would watch this for what reason? Self-abuse? Who would actually pay for something like this? And that ultimately is going to be the problem for them. They’re already tanking and they’re going to extend themselves more with something like this? Obviously, we already knew that they’re not being led by geniuses, but this is a really dumb move.



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