A Farewell to Psaki - Circling Back on Jen's Greatest Hits

Biden Administration Press Secretary Jen Psaki is out the door, leaving to take a job at—you guessed it—MSNBC. Hardly surprising because as we’ve said around here often, much of the mainstream press corps seems to be nothing more than an extension of the Democratic Party. She’ll be right at home at MSNBC, where not even Fox News’ Peter Doocy will be able to ask her tough questions.


We’re almost sorry to see her go, though, because her little head-tilt, condescending attitude, tendency to “circle back,” and smudging of the truth were must-watch TV. Especially if you were a masochist.

No doubt replacement Karine Jean-Pierre will soon earn her way into our hearts in a similar fashion.

For our farewell to Psaki, we’d thought we’d put together a few of her greatest hits. This is by no means a comprehensive list; that would take months to compile. Readers, if you have other favorite examples, please don’t hesitate to post them in the Comments Section (link at the end of this article).

Let’s start with this gem. A reporter asks about a Senate Finance Committee report that detailed suspicious payments made to Hunter Biden. First Psaki claims there’s no evidence, then she says she’s not familiar with the report.


Not even sort of believable.

Next, let’s move on to the Afghanistan debacle, where “no Americans were stranded.” Except for the ones who were.


Moving on. Last fall, after Biden gave a dark, angry speech lambasting those who hadn’t gotten their shots, Psaki essentially claimed, “He didn’t say what you heard him say.”

After President Biden, in September, accused the Border Patrol of brandishing whips like brutal slaveowners against migrants, a claim that’s been thoroughly debunked, Psaki refused to admit the error, much less apologize.

Retail crime got you down, meantime? Sick of seeing your local mall smashed by gangs of criminals? It’s not “defund the police” to blame, and it’s certainly not soft-on-crime policies and woke DAs who seemingly refuse to prosecute anything. No, silly, it’s COVID:


Back to that Border Patrol who she refused to apologize to. The administration actually considers them of “great value,” despite all the evidence indicating exactly the opposite.

Despite record inflation and Biden’s horrible energy policy, soaring gas prices are actually Putin’s fault, Psaki says here. Notwithstanding that prices were skyrocketing before Russia invaded Ukraine.


The list could go on and on, but we leave you with the coup de grace, whereby Ms. Psaki essentially calls a network news reporter a “stupid sonofabitch.” That reporter, Fox News’ Peter Doocy, was seemingly the only White House correspondent who ever dared ask Psaki a tough question—but he always did so with respect. He was far less obnoxious than the insufferable Jim Acosta during the Trump Administration.


This is how the Press Secretary refers to a respected American news reporter. Sorry not sorry to see you go, Jen.



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