Water Cooler 2/5/18; And Then There Were None

My very belated latest water cooler goes back to the marches for life in January. Ours in Austin was the weekend after most others. Thankfully there was added police presence this year and, unlike the past years, none of the small band of “protesters” physically interfered with the parade or tried to assault one of the Bishops. Gov Abbott spoke and stayed for over an hour during the rally after the march.


I’ve mentioned Abby Johnson here before. She’s a remarkable person who lives nearby – so perhaps she is better-known here than in other places. The title of this entry comes from her abortionworker.com website. Her idea is: No abortion clinic workers, no abortion clinics, no abortions. It starts with the workers.

She used to be the director at a PP clinic in Houston until her conversion that came while witnessing an abortion on a 13-week-old fetus on an ultrasound machine. This open letter to abortion workers describes where she came from and what she does. Key part of her message: NO ONE GROWS UP WANTING TO WORK AT AN ABORTION CLINIC.

Abby has a very different attitude than we see from many anti-abortion folks. She believes that we need to be careful how we treat abortion workers, regardless of how obnoxious they may be to people who are praying outside abortion clinics. Her results include more than 400 ex-clinic workers, with half a dozen or more former abortion doctors among that number. Her charity provides a range of services that help get these workers into something more production than killing babies.


She doesn’t tweet or retweet a lot compared to some folks, but she could be worth following for those of you who are twitter users (which I am not).

This is longish (12:30 or so), but Abby says this is a good way to learn about her. It ends with her bringing one of the former Gosnell workers up with her. His being a hopeless monster doesn’t mean everyone who worked for him is also beyond reach.

As always, this is an open thread so feel free to jump in with your favorite topic of the day.


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