Snooki Laments McCain Not Winning Election, Blasts Obama

When you’ve lose Snooki, you’ve lost the nation (Via MsUnderestimated):

This was hilarious… was from the pre-MTV Movie Awards show “Jersey Shore.” Snookie’s boyfriend was giving her a 3rd layer of a spray tan, and Snookie said she’s sworn off “tanning-tanning” because of Obama’s 10% tax on it. She goes on to opine that McCain wouldn’t have done it because he needs a tan.


It’s been said a billion times and it will most likely be said a billion times again on this site: Eletions have consequences, Snooki.

I know this might be a little trival, but this reminds me of my grandfather. My grandfather was a huge Obama supporter. Voted for the man. Me and my dad were rolling our eyes about how he was sucker in by The One. I simply could not understand how me and my dad saw right through him, but my grandfather did not.

However my grandfather’s eyes are now open. I spoke with him a few weeks ago and he said he cannot believe he was taken in by the smooth talker. I repeat, my grandfather LOVED Obama and couldn’t stop talking about how wonderful he was going to be. A little more than a year later in office and already has alienated the only fan in this family.

But I digress. I’m not a single issue guy, but we all knew this tan tax would come and hurt Obama. He owns this tax and there is no one he can blame for this tax.

PS: Thanks to the person who promoted this to the front page! It is truly an honor!


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