Hey Hollywood Celebs, No One Cares What You Think—Just Do Your 'Job'

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It has been said more than once in the last few years that history is repeating itself. America had to go through the misery of the Carter years to get to Ronald Reagan. The same scenario may be set up again in the 2024 presidential election. History also seems to be repeating itself again on a smaller scale. Way back in 2003, now Fox News Channel Host Laura Ingraham wrote a book called "Shut Up & Sing, How Elites From Hollywood, Politics, and the UN are subverting America." Ingraham outlined in the book, essentially what we are seeing happen now.

On Saturday, left-wing celebrities lined up to throw their support behind Joe Biden because "orange man bad," or something. People like George Clooney, Julia Roberts, and Jack Black appeared at a glitzy fundraiser with Biden, Barack Obama, and Jimmy Kimmel. Hollywood was not always populated with lefties; looking at a quick list of who in Hollywood served in WWII is proof of that. But as for this new crowd inhabiting Tinseltown, why exactly do we need to care what they think?

If his endorsement convinced you to vote for Biden, you shouldn’t vote.

Of course, the answer is -- we don't need to care what they think. The short answer is that average Americans are too busy trying just to survive in Joe Biden's America. Between harrowing trips to the grocery store and the gas station, to protecting themselves and their families from criminals running amok, those average Americans have more than enough on their plate. But the best part, unbeknownst to Hollywood, those average Americans have their number.

I am going to take the liberty of speaking to Hollywood on behalf of average Americans. You see, Tinseltown celebrities, us hayseeds in flyover country figured you out long ago. First of all, a large portion of you are college and even high school dropouts. So we know that your critical thinking skills really are not on par with our own. You believe that fame alone somehow lifts you up from the unwashed masses and makes you superior to us in every way. It does not. Here is what we know about you. We know you hate us and you look down on us. How dare we think we are equal to you. We don't live in mansions, get driven around in limousines, or have nannies raising our kids. We also know that you hate us until you have a new movie or new music coming out or a concert tour ramping up. Then it is all about getting us to spend money we really don't have because of the guy you support in your new crappy movie or music. Then you are all over social media blathering on about how much "I love my fans."   

You have no earthly idea about the lives of your "fans." You don't have to worry about buying groceries, paying your mortgage or rent. You have no idea what not getting taxed on your tips would mean for you financially. You don't have to worry about crime from your mansion with that wall around it. Apparently, walls do work. As far as your special contempt for conservatives is concerned, we really don't care what your politics are. We think that everyone is entitled to their opinion. We are willing to overlook our disagreements with you if we enjoy your work. Could you say the same? 

But while you are rolling around in your contempt for and superiority over normal Americans, perhaps it is you with the lesser intelligence. Are you not smart enough to realize that when you insult your customers, and yes, that is who we are, by implying that we are ignorant rubes because we don't agree with your politics, we have no problem just being done with you, and spending our time on much more worthy pursuits than your work, therefore not paying for it? And about your "work," you do know that what you do isn't a real job, right?

So Hollywood celebs, go to all the swanky Democrat fundraisers you want. However, it might be to your advantage to be a bit nicer to us. After all, newsflash, we are the ones who pay your salary.


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