Democrats Score a Perfect '10' for Olympic-Worthy Verbal Gymnastics During IRS Whistleblower Hearings

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, Pool

Every four years, we marvel at the amazing feats and athleticism of Olympic gymnasts from around the world. They work and train for most of their lives for hours a day to prepare for the most crucial five minutes of their careers where everything is on the line. They make it look easy. But not all amazing feats of gymnastics take place on the uneven bars or the floor mat. On Wednesday, the House Oversight Committee held a hearing over the criminal investigation involving President Joe Biden’s son Hunter that featured the testimony of two IRS whistleblower employees. Gary Shapley and Joe Ziegler testified that the Department of Justice put pressure on prosecutors not to charge the younger Biden with felony tax charges.

Normally, Congressional hearings might tend to be boring stuffy affairs, but not this one. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene spiced things up in a big way with extremely graphic photos of Hunter Biden and his “paralegal,” engaged in, well, activities that probably don’t fall under the normal category of lawyer/paralegal activity. But the racy photos were just the warm-up. This hearing was the stuff of Democrat nightmares. They know these whistleblowers have nothing to gain and everything to lose with their testimony, therefore they would have absolutely no reason to lie, beside the fact that lying to Congress is a felony. There must have been some collective realization of this, so in order to counteract the testimony of Shapely and Ziegler, and make it about anything else, Democrats put on a show of verbal gymnastics so impressive, it should become an event in Paris in 2024.

Rep. Kweisi Mfume (D-MD), first defended the FBI, DOJ, and the IRS saying, “Here’s what galls me. I don’t like these attacks on the Department of Justice, the FBI, the IRS, as if they are somehow anti-US agencies. Those agencies keep this democracy in check and keep moving forward. They provide the checks and they provide the balances.” Maybe it would be a great idea if we required every member of Congress to read the Constitution and then be quizzed on it, because Congressman Mfume clearly has not read it. But as usual, Donald Trump is never fully out of mind for Democrats. Mfume continued with this gem,

“I want to congratulate my colleagues from across the aisle for gathering us here today, almost distracting us from the biggest investigation that is going on right now in our country and in our nation’s history involving the former president and the front-runner for the Republican nomination, who is currently facing a 37-count indictment.”

In fact, not just Donald Trump, but members of his family were fair game for distracting from the topic at hand. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez decided what-about-ism was the way to go and dragged Ivanka Trump into the questioning. She brought up a case from 2012 that implicated Ivanka and her brother Donald Trump Jr. in allegedly misleading prospective buyers of units in a hotel and condo development. She also alleged that Trump’s personal attorney at the time made political contributions to then-District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. to have the charges dismissed. Ocasio-Cortez thinks she is playing “gotcha” and says,

“Those charges were dismissed. President Trump’s attorney provided over $50,000 in political contributions after the case was dismissed. So, we talk about political contributions. If we’re following the evidence, that if this committee is going to go there, that they’d be willing to open investigations into the dismissed charges of Ivanka Trump.”

Wasn’t this hearing about Hunter Biden’s tax issues, and wasn’t the entire Trump family private citizens in 2012? This was all medal-winning pretzel twisting. But the silver and gold medals for mind-blowing verbal gymnastics has to come from Reps. Maxwell Frost (D-FL) and Summer Lee (D-PA). If Trump was not an adequate distraction, then race would certainly do the trick. America has a two-tiered justice system, but not how Republicans think.

Frost began with this, “Republicans and Trump (yes Trump), have complained about a two-tiered justice system…There is a two-tiered justice system…It has a real history with George Floyd!” But no one was able to contort themselves like Summer Lee. Lee also stated that Republicans had “co-opted” the two-tiered justice phrase, from black and brown people. She then gave statistics for incarceration statistics for blacks versus whites. Lee couldn’t stop now, she was rolling. She stated the statistics were the foundation for a two-tiered view of race itself. She talked about a “belief,” no word on who holds this belief, that blacks are inferior, and that it all justified the enslavement of blacks, that blacks are prone to criminality. Of course, no race rant would be complete without bringing up lynching, and how the murder and torture of black people were defended by whites as necessary to protect property and families, etc. At this point, Joe Ziegler looked as if he was convinced he had stumbled into the wrong hearing. It was truly a performance of verbal aerobatics of historical proportions.

As more evidence of possible wrongdoing by the Biden family comes to light, there will surely be more hearings. Can Democrats top this epic attempt at distraction with more word salads that have nothing to do with anything? More hearings will mean they have no choice but to whip out the flaming batons.


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