Rep. Cori Bush Calls for Reparations as a 'Moral and Legal Obligation'

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Every so often, the race industry in America — let’s call it what it is — seemingly feels like they are not getting enough attention, and so they come forward with some new absurd way to get that attention, apparently clinging to the notion that there is no such thing as bad publicity. The latest to attempt that is far-left congressional squad member, Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO). Bush has glommed onto an idea that is certainly not new and is hugely unpopular with roughly half the country. But Bush has decided to give it the old college try and float it once again. On Wednesday, Bush proposed a federal reparations program for black Americans. In this latest incarnation, the plan would cost roughly $14 trillion. 


The plan is designed to close a purported wealth gap between black and white Americans. In an interview about the proposal, Bush stated, “The only way we get closer to [reparations] is if we start putting forward those bills that speak to it and are very clear about what reparations could look like.”

While Cori Bush might be good at race-baiting, she is clearly not good at math. The federal budget for fiscal year 2022 was $6.27 trillion, just a little shy of $14 trillion. So just how might Congresswoman Bush and her fellow race grifters in the squad and elsewhere make up the difference? Couple of possibilities: Socialists like Cori Bush despise rich people. If you are rich, you no doubt got that way by some ill-gotten manner. Let’s confiscate the wealth of all the billionaires in the U.S. Just one problem: The total amount of the nation’s wealth held by billionaires comes to roughly $4.5 trillion. Hmmm…My trusty iPhone calculator (I am not good at math either) says if you add the total budget from FY2022 and billionaires, now you have roughly $10.8 trillion. Still short, what to do? Do we then cut some government programs? Which ones — Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, the V.A.? I know, let’s let the race grifters in Congress decide, that way it will be on them.


Rep. Bush and the race hustlers have yet another problem, possibly one they had a hand in creating themselves: The number of illegal immigrants that entered the country in 2022 was approximately 2.76 million. That is illegal immigrants — what about those who have come here legally? In 2022, 900,000 legal immigrants became U.S. citizens. Do these people owe Cori Bush? What about those who might be first-generation Americans, who had no hand in any part of slavery, do these people owe Cori Bush? What about poor whites who did not own any slaves and who also would have had no hand in slavery? Do these people owe Cori Bush?

As is usual in the race industry, Cori Bush portrays herself as a victim. She rose to prominence in the summer of 2020 after the death of George Floyd, and many of the nation’s cities were plagued with violent protests. Bush led a mob of protesters onto a gated St. Louis street where they were met by Mark and Patricia McCloskey, armed and prepared to defend their home. When Missouri Gov. Parson pardoned the McCloskeys after they were charged with fourth-degree assault and misdemeanor harassment, Bush vowed that “their day will come.” Bush, who has been a vocal advocate for defunding the police, has also been scrutinized recently for paying for private security out of campaign funds.


As might be expected, around three-quarters of white Americans, and a majority of Hispanic and Asian Americans are opposed to reparations, with a large number of black Americans who do support the idea. California Gov. Gavin Newsom also thought it was a good idea, and even created a task force. Then Newsom did some math himself — or got someone else to do it — and figured out that he would most likely bankrupt his already financially sketchy state. But none of the aforementioned obstacles matter to Cori Bush and her ilk. To quote one of her squad buddies, it’s all about the Benjamins.

During the interview with CNN where Bush threatened the McCloskeys, a tweet quoted her as saying, “Activists are in Congress, so expect things to be different.” Newsflash to Rep. Bush: Republicans are in charge of the House now, so expect things to be different.


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