Cori Bush Paying Her Now-Husband $60,000 for 'Security' Just Turned Into a Bona Fide Scandal

AP Photo/Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

As RedState reported, Cori Bush recently got married. But the fact that she found someone to put up with her wasn’t the surprising part. Rather, it was that the man, Courtney Merritts, was previously paid $60,000 by Bush’s campaign to provide security services.


Even at first glance, the situation seemed suspicious. Was this really just a serendipitous example of workplace love? Or was Bush using the relationship as a way to funnel money back to herself?

Well, that question just got a heck of a lot more complicated because Fox News is reporting that Merritts does not have a security license in Missouri.

Merritts, however, pocketed the security payments despite not having a St. Louis private security license, which is needed to perform security functions in the area, Fox News Digital has discovered. Merritts also received the campaign’s cash as it simultaneously paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to a St. Louis security firm and another individual for personal protection.

Fox News Digital filed a public records request with the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department on Monday morning seeking information regarding Merritts’ private security license. In response, a Sunshine Law administrator said there are “no responsive records” relative to the request, and Merritts does not have a current license.

That’s a problem because having a security license is required in Missouri to offer security services, and you would assume Merritts would have provided his “services” in Bush’s district (especially given their personal relationship). Further, as the report notes, Bush’s campaign shelled out hundreds of thousands of dollars in other payments to real security firms at the same time. That seems like a rather odd dynamic, does it not?


The situation is reminiscent of Ilhan Omar paying over $1,000,000 to her now-husband’s consulting firm. The two had an alleged affair prior to their marriage and making things official presumably and conveniently gave Omar access to the campaign funds that were paid out. Bush paying a non-security guard for security services before marrying him is almost a carbon copy of the same scheme.

What makes Bush’s spending spree look even worse, though, is that there seems to be little justification for the over $500,000 she spent on security during the 2022 election. By comparison, Omar spent just $65,000. There is no world in which Bush actually needs half a million dollars in security a year. Something is way off here.

But hey, maybe I’ve got this all wrong and this is all just an innocent happenstance? Besides, it won’t matter anyway. If Omar’s corrupt dealings didn’t elicit any investigation from the FEC, there’s no reason to think things would be different with Bush. Apparently, being a far-left grievance hustler in Congress makes one untouchable.


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