The View's Navarro Says She Now Has Tested COVID Negative Twice After Kamala Chaos

The View's Navarro Says She Now Has Tested COVID Negative Twice After Kamala Chaos
Ana Navarro appears on CNN with Anderson Cooper. Credit: CNN

As we reported on Friday, Kamala Harris was set to join the table of co-hosts on ABC’s “The View” as a guest, when two of the co-hosts learned what appeared to be shocking news live on air. Their tests for COVID came back positive, leading to a chaotic moment when both Ana Navarro and fellow co-host Sunny Hostin were whisked backstage by producers, which my colleague Nick Arama wrote about.

We also reported on the short interview they ended up doing remotely with Kamala, from another area of the building.

As Nick shared, all the nattering nabobs at the table managed to do was give Harris, the Biden Administration’s most do-nothing member on the border crisis, a platform to spew dishonest slander about CPS and the fake “whipping” at Del Rio narrative they continue to sell to the American people.

“I was outraged by it, it was horrible, and deeply troubling…[T]here needs to be consequences…Human beings should not be treated that way and it also evoked images of some of the worst moments of our history” where such ‘”behavior” has been used like in times of “slavery,” Harris claimed.

Later on Friday night, Ana Navarro joined CNN’s Anderson Cooper on his show. She told him she and her co-hosts were looking forward to the big interview and prepared to ask Kamala “tough questions,” a dubious claim if there ever was one. But the biggest revelation in the interview was that Navarro has taken at least two COVID tests (both the antigen and the PCR tests) since the show — and both results were negative.

Navarro added that “[a]ll indications are that those were false positives,” since both she and Hostin have now tested negative for COVID. While she said she didn’t want to speak for Hostin beyond that, she revealed that she was waiting for the results of yet a third test, “so I can fly home to Miami” to be with her family there.

Let’s think about this testing thing a moment, readers. During the CNN interview, Navarro explained that, as she only appears on “The View” a couple times a week, she would describe her tests for COVID as weekly — as she put it, “every time I come into the building.”

To me, that doesn’t make a lick of sense. By all indications, Navarro and Hostin (and all of “The View” co-hosts) are fully vaccinated against COVID. Isn’t testing supposed to be reserved for unvaccinated people or those with symptoms of the Chinese flu? I’ve never taken a COVID test — not once. This is saying the quiet part out loud by the left, since it puts a lie to the assurances by the government — and by companies and organizations ready to bend over for government coercion — who are gung-ho about more people being vaccinated… that if you are vaccinated, you can go about your daily life normally.

No, it appears that is not the case, if someone is being forced to have invasive tests for COVID several times a week. Also, Navarro mentioned that the rest of the show’s production team wears masks — just like the unimportant people behind the cameras on the Emmys last weekend. Seems legit.

And what good does it all do, but to lead to a panic over false positive tests when a high-ranking government official is nearby?

I’ve gotta say…if your goal, as it appears the Biden Administration and its allies in the legacy media have, is to convince more so-called ‘vaccine hesitant’ Americans to get the jab, this is not the way to do it.

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